Simplifying portfolio bid strategies

June 19, 2019

Portfolio bid strategies are automated, goal-driven strategies that help you optimize bids across multiple campaigns. Based on extensive feedback, we’re streamlining and simplifying two strategies in July.

First, we are removing the ability to create Enhanced CPC portfolio strategies. Enable Enhanced CPC directly for individual campaigns instead of using a portfolio strategy. Enhanced CPC on individual campaigns provides the same benefits as portfolio strategies. Individual campaigns are also far more widely used. Later this year, Enhanced CPC portfolios will be converted into individual Enhanced CPC campaigns.

Many of you have told us the target spend setting was confusing and that average daily budgets were more useful and straightforward. We’ve listened to your feedback. Moving forward, the target spend setting will no longer be available for new Maximize clicks portfolios. Average daily budgets will be the way to determine spend for campaigns using Maximize clicks portfolio.

Later this year, our systems will remove legacy target spend settings and instead use your average daily budget to manage spend.

These changes along with the recent deprecation of Target Search Page Location and Target Outranking Share bid strategies are an effort to streamline and simplify your bidding options. Below is a summary of the changes and the recommended replacements:

Product Recommended Replacement
Portfolio ECPC ECPC at the campaign level
Target spend setting for Max Clicks Campaign average daily budgets

Target Search Page Location

Target Outranking Share
Target Impression Share bidding strategy


Posted by Sagar Shah, Product Manager, Google Ads

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