About Enhanced CPC bids for Hotel ads

Note: This article applies only to Hotel campaigns in Google Ads. If you haven't yet migrated your campaigns to Google Ads, read about bidding in Hotel Centre.


Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) for Hotel campaigns in Google Ads is a Smart Bidding strategy designed to increase conversions by automatically adjusting your Manual CPC bid.

Campaigns with the Manual CPC or CPC% bid strategies can use ECPC. You can't use ECPC when the campaign's bid strategy is Commission.

Enhanced CPC is a campaign-level setting. You can enable ECPC in addition to having custom bid adjustments, which can be set at the ad group level. To use ECPC, a campaign must have conversion tracking enabled.

How it works

Enhanced CPC compares performance metrics like device type, traveller country, advanced booking window and other factors to find your best-converting and most valuable segments. Based on this analysis, ECPC will adjust your bid up or down at auction time to reflect whether a particular auction is more or less likely to result in a valuable conversion for you.

Enhanced CPC adjusts your bid based on the number of conversions, not the number of clicks. For example, if you're getting more clicks from desktop users compared to mobile, but your mobile customers have a higher conversion rate, your bid might be higher for mobile travellers than desktop travellers.


  • Granular, real-time bid adjustments during an auction that target your best performing customer segments
  • More control than the Commission bidding strategy

Before you begin

To use ECPC, you must have conversion tracking enabled. It's also strongly recommended that you use the following parameters with conversion tracking:

  • hct_base_price
  • hct_currency_code

Optional: The following parameters also help Google optimise your performance:

  • hct_checkin_date
  • hct_checkout_date
  • hct_partner_hotel_id
  • hct_total_price

Optional: It's recommended to include the following booking values:

  • net_booking_value
  • net_booking_value currency code

Set Enhanced CPC for Hotel campaigns

When you create a campaign and choose a CPC bid strategy, you can choose Enhanced CPC during campaign setup. Learn how to create a Hotel campaign

If you'd like to change your bid strategy, learn more here.

Using ECPC with bid adjustments

The following table shows how the final bid is calculated based on whether ECPC is enabled and if there is a custom bid adjustment:

ECPC Positive bid adjustment Bid calculation
Enabled YES Final bid = bid * ECPC adjustment * custom bid adjustment
Enabled NO Final bid = bid * ECPC adjustment
Disabled YES Final bid = bid * custom bid adjustment
Disabled NO Final bid = bid

Using ECPC with negative bid adjustments

Enhanced CPC can be used together with -100% negative bid adjustments to exclude certain traffic from your campaign. For instance, if you bid $5, select Enhanced CPC, and also set a -100% bid adjustment for mobile devices, your bid will be $0 for mobile devices.

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