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New ways to reach the right customers

Reach the right customers with audience solutions

To reach the right potential customers with the right message at the right time, successful Google Ads campaigns increasingly rely on audience insights. Audience solutions can boost your campaigns' performance because they help you focus on the people who are most relevant to helping you grow your business. We’ll give you a general overview of how audience solutions work, and then provide a set of specific resources that you can use to explore further.

How it works

Today's consumers spend more time online than ever before. The growth of mobile devices in particular has created new touchpoints, more data and more opportunities for you to reach your audience based on their needs and wants.

Using audience information, like age and gender, and each consumer's interests, Google Ads’ audience solutions deliver your ads to the right people in the moments that matter across a wide range of platforms – search, display and video.

How to connect with your customers

Set yourself up for success with these step-by-step audience solution guides.


Get to know your customers better

The Google Ads Audience Insights report provides you with real-time updates on your website and app visitors, helping you identify new and relevant audience segments to expand your targeting and reveal things that you wouldn’t expect. For instance, Base, a Belgian telecommunications company, discovered that cycling enthusiasts were twice as likely as the average customer to buy a mobile phone subscription. (Source)

Go to Audience manager to find yours.


Re-engage with past site visitors

Use Google Ads remarketing to re-engage with past website and app visitors across Google’s properties and stay top of mind in the moments that matter.

Remarketing can help you build stronger relationships with customers. For example, Starwood Hotels used remarketing lists for search ads to re-engage with their most loyal customers when they’re trying to find a hotel room, leading to a higher ROI. (Source)


Find new customers using Google’s insights

Discover more customers who are interested in what you have to offer and showing signs they’re ready to buy using our audience insights categories. For example, Lyft, an on-demand car sharing company, used in-market targeting on the Google Display Network to efficiently grow its user base, boosting conversions considerably. (Source)


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