About account cancellation

There are two primary reasons your Google Ads account may be canceled:

  • A user with administrative access to the account requested to cancel the account. Learn more
  • Your Google Ads account has been inactive for more than 15 months - meaning your account hasn’t spent in more than 15 months, and was automatically canceled. If you manage other active Google Ads accounts, they will not be affected by the cancellation of your inactive Google Ads account.
    • Keep in mind that if your account was canceled due to inactivity, it will not be displayed in linked manager accounts unless you choose to unhide canceled accounts. Learn more about unhiding accounts

What you’ll see

When an account is canceled, you’ll receive an email notification. As always, you’ll be able to log in and access your canceled account. You’ll want to double check your customer ID to ensure you’re looking at the right account. You’ll see an in-account notification letting you know your account’s been canceled, but you can reactive it at any time by clicking “Reactivate” in the notification.

After your account is cancelled

The following will take place after cancelling your account:

  • All remarketing lists that are owned by the cancelled account, including Customer Match, will be set to “Closed,” preventing new users from being added to these lists.

In an effort to remove your data, the following will take place about a month after account cancellation:

  • All remarketing lists that are owned by the cancelled account,  including Customer Match, will have their membership duration updated to 1 day. This action will remove all users from these lists. 
  • Once the users are removed, lists that are shared with other accounts will no longer be usable for those accounts . 
  • Any parameters for dynamic remarketing will be deleted.

If you have any refundable credit left in your canceled account, you should receive a refund within 4-12 weeks. Learn more about refunds


You’ll always be able to reactivate your canceled account. Note, however, that if you reactivate a canceled account, but the account remains inactive and does not serve ads for three months after reactivation, the account will be automatically canceled again. Learn more about reactivating canceled accounts

Keep in mind, accounts that are canceled will not be accessible via the Google Ads API (AdWords API). You’ll have to reactivate the account before attempting to view data or make changes to the account via the API.

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