About content exclusions for Video campaigns

Our Video Ad Safety Promise is that certain types of content can’t be monetized for ads on YouTube and Google video partners: we'll automatically apply exclusions to prevent your ads from showing on the most controversial content, such as terrorist acts, nudity, and recent sensitive events.

The content exclusion settings described below—inventory types, content types, and digital content labels—are meant to give you additional control and help you exclude types of content that, while in compliance with our policies, may not fit your brand or business. While content exclusions are done to the best of our ability, we can't guarantee that all related content will be excluded.

This article provides an overview of content exclusion settings for Video campaigns. Learn more about setting up content exclusions for Video campaigns.


Content exclusion settings

You can use the following content exclusion settings for your Video campaigns, both at the account level or individual campaign level.

To opt your Video campaigns out from showing on specific sensitive content categories, such as profanity and rough language, use inventory types.
Inventory types

With inventory types, you can opt out of groups of sensitive content that don’t align with the brand or message of your campaign.

You can select from the following 3 inventory types. You can also view more details about what content types are included and excluded for each inventory type.

Expanded inventory
This option lets you show ads on all videos on YouTube and Google video partners that meet our standards for monetization. This option may be an appropriate choice for brands that want maximum access to the full breadth of videos eligible for ads, including, for example, videos that have strong profanity in the context of comedy or a documentary, or excessive violence as featured in video games.
Standard inventory (recommended)
All Google Ads accounts are opted in to this inventory type by default. This option lets you show ads across a wide range of content that’s appropriate for most brands, such as popular music videos, documentaries, and movie trailers. The content you can show ads on is based on our advertiser-friendly content guidelines that take into account, for example, the strength or frequency of profanity, or the appropriateness of subject matter like sensitive events. Ads won’t show, for example, on content with repeated strong profanity, strong sexual content, or graphic violence.
Limited inventory
This option lets you show ads on a reduced range of content that’s appropriate for brands with particularly strict guidelines around inappropriate language and sexual suggestiveness – above and beyond what our advertiser-friendly content guidelines address. The videos accessible in this inventory type meet heightened requirements, especially for inappropriate language and sexual suggestiveness. For example, your ads will be excluded from showing on some of YouTube's most popular music videos and other pop culture content across YouTube and Google video partners.

Video Ad Safety Promise and inventory type content details

Video Ad Safety Promise

Your ads automatically will be excluded from showing on the following types of content, no matter what inventory type you choose.

Video content Expanded inventory Standard inventory Limited inventory
Profanity in the title or thumbnail image, or profanity used repeatedly or throughout Excluded Excluded Excluded
Full nudity, exposed nipples, animal mating, sexual abuse, or sexual content in the thumbnail Excluded Excluded Excluded
Content showing abusing, buying, making, selling, or finding drugs
Excluded Excluded Excluded

Content discussing terrorism or sensitive current events like war, death, or tragedy

Note: If these types of content are posted from authoritative news sources and comply with our advertiser-friendly content guidelines, these can run in “Standard inventory”.

Excluded Excluded Excluded


Video content Expanded inventory Standard inventory Limited inventory
Light profanity used in a non-hateful, comedic or artistic way Included Included Included
Moderate profanity used in a non-hateful, comedic, or artistic manner, or a music video with frequent profanity Included Included Excluded
Strong profanity used throughout or at the very beginning of the video in comedy, documentary, news, or education Included Excluded Excluded

Sexualized content

Video content Expanded inventory Standard inventory Limited inventory
Romance, kissing, limited clothing in non-sexual settings, or general discussions of relationships or sexuality Included Included Included
Limited clothing in sexual settings, sensual dancing, moderate sexually suggestive behavior, or a music video containing sexual content Included Included Excluded
Blurred nudity, focus on sexual body parts, focus on sex as a topic, discussions about sex acts, implied or display of sex acts or sex toys without visible contact or nudity Included Excluded Excluded


Video content Expanded inventory Standard inventory Limited inventory
Mild violence or injury without showing blood or graphic content Included Included Included
Violence or graphic content in video games, comedy, or music videos Included Included Included
Focus on blood, gore, and excessive violence in video games, animal violence, or animation; sports, accidents, pranks, or “fails” with serious injury; blood shown in body modification or medical procedures Included Excluded Excluded


Video content Expanded inventory Standard inventory Limited inventory
Content with humorous references, education, music, or statements without glorifying or promoting drugs Included Included Included
Drug consumption, fabrication, and distribution in the context of music, comedy, news, education, or documentary Included Excluded Excluded

Hurtful language

Video content Expanded inventory Standard inventory Limited inventory
News, documentary, or education content with words that could be considered biased, demeaning, or hate speech against a race, religion, gender, or other group Included Excluded Excluded
Content types

You can exclude specific content types so that your ads don’t run on those content types. This can help you avoid types of content that don’t fit your needs or that your customers don’t visit.

  • Embedded YouTube videos: Videos embedded on websites outside of YouTube.com
  • Live streaming videos: Video of live events streamed over the Internet
Digital content labels

Websites, pages, videos, and apps on the Display Network and YouTube are analyzed by Google classification technology and given a digital content label based on their suitability for various audiences. They’re similar to movie ratings like G and PG. For your Video campaigns, you can exclude specific digital content labels, so that your ads don’t show on content with these labels.

  • DL-G: Content suitable for general audiences (can also select “Content suitable for families”)
  • DL-PG: Content suitable for most audiences with parental guidance
  • DL-T: Content suitable for teen and older audiences
  • DL-MA: Content suitable only for mature audiences
  • Not yet labeled: Content that hasn’t been labeled yet because they haven’t yet completed the classification process
Account vs. campaign level content exclusions

Account-level content exclusions let you set exclusions that apply to Video campaigns for your entire account. At the account level, you can select an inventory type, content types, and digital content labels, and they’ll automatically apply to all your Video campaigns.

Note that with inventory types, you’ll have some flexibility. Even after selecting an inventory type at the account level, you will have the choice to select a more restrictive inventory type for each individual Video campaign. For example, even if you select “Standard inventory” at the account level for all Video campaigns, you can still select “Limited inventory” for an individual Video campaign. However, you won’t be able to select “Expanded inventory” for the same Video campaign, as all Video campaigns on the Google Ads account would be limited to “Standard inventory”.


  • If your account-level inventory type is "Limited inventory", you’ll have to use the "Limited inventory" type for all your individual Video campaigns.
  • If your account-level inventory type is "Standard inventory", you can use the "Standard inventory" or "Limited inventory" types for individual Video campaigns.
  • If your account-level inventory type is "Expanded inventory", you can choose the "Expanded inventory", "Standard inventory", or "Limited inventory" types for individual Video campaigns.

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