About switching to the new third-party conversion analytics

A new integration with third-party app analytics providers and the App Attribution Partner programme is now available. This integration provides a much more seamless conversion tracking set-up where you can link and import conversions to Google Ads.

All app conversion tracking with third-party providers will be switched over to the new integration. For advertisers using an App Attribution Partner, Google Ads will work directly with your provider to ensure that this change happens automatically. This change starts in June 2017, and will roll out over the next few months. The switch won’t require any action, but could change what you see in your Google Ads account. You’ll be notified before the changes occur in your account.

This article explains why this change is happening and how it affects what you’ll see in your Google Ads account.

Why it’s changing

The previous experience required several steps. You had to predeclare all conversions, ask your analytics provider to connect to our servers, get a postback URL template from your provider, include all parameters that Google Ads can provide and duplicate these steps for each account.

We’ve simplified this integration so that you can focus on the measurement that you care about. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Instead of pre-declaring your conversions in Google Ads and copying and pasting parameters for each conversion action, you can now manage your conversions in your current analytics tool and simply 'select and import' them into Google Ads.
  • We’re improving the data transfer between third parties and Google Ads in the back end, so there’s no need for postback URLs anymore.
  • If you market your App in multiple Google Ads accounts, you can simply ‘link’ each of your Google Ads accounts and then import conversions. Or, if you use cross-account conversion tracking, you can link to your manager account and import conversions there.

These changes help to simplify the integration, reduce reporting discrepancies between Google Ads and third-party app analytics providers, and make it easier to import the data that you want into Google Ads.

What’s changing in your Google Ads account

If you have an existing conversion tracking integration with a third-party app analytics provider that’s part of the new App Attribution Partners programme, then your app conversion tracking setup will be automatically migrated to the new integration. You’ll notice the following changes in your account:

  1. Google Ads will automatically import new conversion actions for each of the events that you track today with the old integration. The source for these new conversion actions will be 'third-party app analytics'.
  2. Google Ads will compare the stats sent from your third-party app analytics via the new and old conversion actions. We’ll then update your conversion settings and any App campaigns that target in-app actions. At the same time, we’ll disable the old conversion types so that you won’t see double counting in the 'Conversions' column.
  3. The old conversion actions will be disabled.

How can I migrate my own account?

If you track conversions with a third party that’s not part of Google’s App Attribution Partners programme, you’ll need to migrate your existing setup by working with your third-party provider. Once your third-party provider integrates with the new API, you’ll need to create a link with your provider and import conversions.

If you manage your own server-to-server connection, you can consult the developer page outlining the technical details of the new App conversion tracking API.

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