About experiment statuses

Your campaign experiment status tell you if your experiments have been applied yet, or whether there are any issues applying your experiment.

This article explains what each experiment status means.

Note: Experiments were formerly drafts and experiments.

Understand your experiments' status

To see your experiments table, click Experiments from the menu on the left and then click the All Experiments tab. Each experiment in the “All experiments” table should have a corresponding status attached to it, which can be found in the “Status” column.

Here's what each status means:

  • Creating: Your experiment is being created.
  • Setup: Your experiment is still being created.
  • Active: Your experiment is running.
  • Scheduled: Your experiment is scheduled to start running at a later date.
  • Finished: Your experiment has ended.
  • Applying: Your experiment is being applied to its original campaign.
  • Applied: Your experiment has been applied to its original campaign.
  • Unable to apply: Your experiment can’t be applied to the original campaign. Click this status to see why and to try applying your experiment again.
  • Unable to create: Your experiment can’t be created.
  • Removed: Your experiment has ended or been removed and can no longer be applied to a campaign.
  • New Campaign: Your experiment was converted to a new campaign.
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