Use Shopping remarketing lists

You can use Shopping remarketing lists to show Shopping ads to people who previously visited your website as they search for your products on Google. This article explains the steps to add remarketing lists to your Shopping campaigns.

Before you begin

If you're not familiar with remarketing, read About remarketing lists for Search ads which are similar to Shopping remarketing lists. Bear in mind that the rules that apply to Remarketing lists for Search ads also apply to remarketing lists for Shopping.

Using Shopping remarketing lists gives you the ability to segment your site visitors by previous site engagement. You can customise your shopping bids for groups of users based on previous site engagements, such as 'shopping basket abandoners', 'loyal customers' or 'repeat visitors'. If you're using Smart Bidding like Target ROAS, adding remarketing lists will help achieve even higher performance for individual audiences.


  1. Select an existing Shopping campaign and ad group.
  2. From the page menu along the left, click Audiences.
  3. Click the pencil icon Edit.
  4. Under "Add to", select "Campaign" or "Ad group", depending on which level you want to apply the audiences.
  5. Select a remarketing list by ticking the box next to it. To select all remarketing lists, select the tick box near the 'Audience' column header.
  6. Next to “Add to”, select either “Select a campaign” or “Select an ad group”, depending on which “Add to” option you have previously selected.
  7. For the option to add to a campaign:
    1. Select the campaign that you’d like to target your list.
    2. Choose the targeting method of either “Targeting” or “Observation”. Learn more About Targeting and Observations for Display Network campaigns
    3. (Optional) Add additional remarketing lists or in-market audiences to your campaign.
  8. For the option to add to an ad group:
    1. Select a campaign and then an ad group.
    2. Choose the targeting method of either “Targeting” or “Observation”.
    3. (Optional) Add additional remarketing lists or in-market audiences to your ad group.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Add the remarketing event snippets across your entire site.
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