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Having trouble with your bid adjustments? Here is a common issue and what you can do to solve it.

Bid adjustments caused a campaign to be "limited by budget"

Note: Some bid adjustments may be ignored when using select automated bidding strategies. Location, time, audience, call and demographic bid adjustments are all ignored by most automated bidding strategies, with the exception of Maximize clicks, Target outranking share and Target search page location.

If you set a bid adjustment that increases your bids, then your resulting bid may increase the number of auctions your ad is eligible for. In turn, a higher resulting bid can lead to your campaign becoming "limited by budget". In that case, your budget may prevent you from getting all the new traffic available for your campaign.

It's important to keep in mind that a campaign that's "limited by budget" can still be successful and help you meet your advertising goals. However, if your campaign becomes "limited by budget" after setting a bid adjustment, consider increasing your budget to increase clicks, or lowering your bids or bid adjustments to get more clicks within your budget.


Let's say you set a bid of $1 and an average daily budget of US$100, and your campaign is getting about 200 clicks and spending US$95 per day (it isn't “limited by budget”). Then, you set a bid adjustment that results in a +100% increase for searches in Chicago on mobile devices for a resulting bid of US$2.00.

Since your increased resulting bid causes your ad to be eligible for more auctions, you would need to spend US$150 to acquire all the possible clicks for your newly available traffic. But if your average daily budget remains US$100, your traffic will be "limited by budget." If you don’t change your average daily budget, you ads might get fewer clicks.

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