Click: Definition

When someone clicks your ad, for example on the blue headline or phone number of a text ad, Google Ads counts that as a click.

  • A click is counted even if the person doesn't reach your website, perhaps because it's temporarily unavailable. As a result, you might see a difference between the number of clicks on your ad and the number of visits to your website. For YouTube on TV screens, clicks reported are for actions taken on the TV call-to-action button (CTA), not for actions taken on follow-up notifications.
  • Clicks can help you understand how appealing your ad is to people who see it. Relevant, highly targeted ads are more likely to receive clicks.
  • In your account statistics, you'll find the clickthrough rate (CTR), which lets you know how many people who’ve seen your ad end up clicking on it. This metric can help you gauge how enticing your ad is and how closely it matches your keywords and other targeting settings.
  • Note that a good CTR is relative to what you're advertising and on which networks. To help increase your clicks and CTR, start by creating great ad text and strong keywords to make ads that are highly relevant and very compelling to your customers.

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