Exclude pages about a specific topic

Just as you can target pages in the Google Display Network about certain subjects – like cars or music – you can also exclude by topic to keep your ads off web pages whose themes aren't relevant to your customers.

Reasons to exclude topics

  • Avoid showing your ads on pages that aren't relevant to your business.
  • Continue to target broad themes while filtering out subtopics and niche areas.
  • Spend your advertising budget effectively, excluding topics that show a low return.


A travel agency has an ad group that features ads about various types of tours. They decide to target the topic Travel which has lots of relevant sub-topics like Adventure Travel and Regional Parks & Gardens, but exclude sub-topics that are less relevant to their offerings like Air Travel.

How to exclude areas

  1. Go to your Display Network tab and click + Targeting, which is located above the graph.
  2. Select an ad group.
  3. Click either the “Add ad group exclusions” or “Add campaign exclusions” drop-down menu and select “Topics.”
  4. Type a term or phrase in the search box to find a topic to exclude or click each topic to see the sub-topics that you can select. Click add » next to the topics and sub-topics that you'd like to exclude.
  5. Click Close and then Save.

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