Google forwarding number

Google forwarding number is a unique phone number from Google that can be used in your ads to help track calls to your business. It can be used by turning on call reporting in your account settings.

Countries where Google forwarding numbers are available

Google forwarding numbers are currently available in the following countries:

Country Flag

Country Name

Freephone number

Local number

Australia flag Australia yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Belgium flag Belgium yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Brazil flag Brazil yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Canada flag Canada yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Chile Flag Chile yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Columbia flag icon Colombia yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Czech Republic Flag Czechia yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
* Denmark yes, confirmed
France France yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Germany flag Germany yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Hungary flag* Hungary yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
India** India yes, confirmed
Ireland Ireland yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Israel flag icon Israel yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Italian Flag Italy yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Japan Flag** Japan yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Mexico flag icon Mexico yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Poland flag Poland yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Romanian flag icon Romania yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Russia flag icon Russia yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Slovakia flag icon Slovakia yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
South Africa South Africa yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Spain flag icon Spain yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Sweden Sweden yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Switzerland flag icon Switzerland yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
United Kingdom* United Kingdom yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
United States United States yes, confirmed yes, confirmed

* Freephone number equivalent to a local number

** Caller ID shows a Google number – not the customer's number

How it works

When enabling call reporting, Google provides a unique phone number that's displayed with your ads or extensions. If a potential customer calls or messages this phone number, Google Ads will route the call or message to your business phone number. You'll then be able to see detailed reports about calls or messages generated from your ads.

About phone numbers

Whenever possible, Google forwarding numbers will share the same area code or prefix number as your business. Otherwise, a local number area code or prefix for your geographic region will be used instead. In some cases, a local Google forwarding number may not be available. When this happens, your ad will display a freephone Google forwarding number instead. Google forwarding numbers are either freephone, equivalent to a local number or a local number.

Important: Since Google forwarding numbers associated with your call reporting are property of Google, they can change or be reassigned. For that reason, you can't use your Google forwarding number outside of call reporting, message reporting and website call conversion tracking.

Where forwarding numbers don’t work

Display network: Call extensions targeting the Display Network don’t support Google forwarding numbers or tracking calls as conversions.

Ads with low traffic: Google forwarding numbers may not show with desktop ads if your ad group isn’t getting a minimum number of clicks in a four-week period. Your business phone number will be shown in that case (there’s no minimum requirement for ads on high-end mobile devices.)

Outside of Google Ads: Google forwarding numbers shouldn’t be copied and promoted outside of Google Ads. These numbers are the property of Google and can change or be reassigned at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Which phone number will be shown in my ads when call reporting is turned on?

On mobile traffic, your business phone number will appear in the ad. After clicking on the ad, users will see the Google forwarding number in their dialler.

On computer and tablet traffic, a Google Forwarding Number can be shown in the ad, but may not show if your ad group isn't getting a minimum number of clicks in a four-week period.

How do I remove a Google forwarding number in my ads?

Remove forwarding numbers by turning off call reporting. Once this change is made, your ads will show your business phone number instead. Note that the associated call or message reports will no longer be available without call reporting or message reporting. Learn how to manage call reporting for your campaigns

Are Google forwarding numbers allocated to my ad indefinitely?

A Google forwarding number is designed to track your call or message ads performance, and the number may vary over time. Therefore, it isn't recommended to copy or promote the Google forwarding number beyond your ad campaign with Google Ads.

What happens if someone calls the Google forwarding number, saves the number,and calls again later?

Calls will still connect to the business for 60 days after the user’s initial call. Every time that the user calls within that time period, the 60-day window is reset and the number will remain connected for another 60 days. After an entire 60 days expire, the number will no longer route calls to the business.

What happens if someone doesn’t call after clicking the ad, writes down the Google forwarding number, and calls back later?

If the user calls the Google forwarding number within two hours, the call will connect. After two hours, the call won't be routed through to the business and the Google forwarding number may be reallocated. Bear in mind that this is a rare scenario, as the vast majority of calls happen within five minutes of the user seeing a Google forwarding number in an ad or on a website.

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