Change history

A tool that lists the changes you've made to your account during the past two years. View details about changes like when you paused your campaign, who added a keyword and the amounts of your previous budgets.

  • You can view all changes for a particular date range, filter the results by the type of change (such as budget adjustments or keyword edits), or view changes for a particular campaign or ad group.
  • The change history tool shows each change within a timeline, mapped to your account data (like impressions, clicks, conversions, clickthrough rate and cost). Compare your changes with the timeline of performance data to help know which changes may have contributed to changes in your performance.
  • If you've given other people access to your account using their own login, you can also use the tool to view who made certain changes.
  • You can view Change History data contextually without leaving the campaigns table. In the campaigns table, select the campaigns that you want to view (on the left next to their names), and then click 'Change History' in the blue panel that appears above the table.
Note: There are three ways to access your Change History.
  • You can access change history in the 'Campaigns' or 'Ad Groups' page.
    1. Select a campaign or ad group by ticking the box.
    2. Click 'Change History' to view changes in the selected date range.
    3. Changes will appear in a slider panel on the right.
  • You can have full access to your change history through the option in the 'Tools' menu, or you can go directly to the tool by visiting

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