Change history

A tool that lists the changes that you've made to your account during the past two years. See details about changes like when you paused your campaign, who added a keyword, and the amounts of your previous budgets.

  • You can view all changes for a particular date range, filter the results by the type of change (such as budget adjustments or keyword edits), or see changes for a particular campaign or ad group.
  • The change history tool shows each change within a timeline, mapped to your account data (like impressions, clicks, conversions, click-through rate and cost). Compare your changes with the timeline of performance data to help know which changes may have contributed to changes in your performance.
  • If you've given other people access to your account using their own login, you can also use the tool to see who made certain changes.
  • You can find Change history in the "Tools" menu, or go directly to the tool by visiting

How to use change history
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