Google Ads API

AdWords API will be sunsetting on the 27th of April, 2022. Developers must migrate to Google Ads API by then. Learn more

An advanced feature that lets advertisers interact with and make changes to their Google Ads account through applications they create. In April 2022, the AdWords API will no longer be available and will be replaced by the Google Ads API. Learn more about migration to the Google Ads API.

  • The AdWords and Google Ads APIs (application programming interface) allow developers to create and use applications that interact directly with their account details on the Google Ads server.
  • These APIs can help advertisers efficiently manage large Google Ads accounts and campaigns. For example, you can compile your Google Ads data to use with other systems like inventories, generate regular reports, and make campaign adjustments in bulk.
  • To use either API, you'll need a Google Ads manager account and a developer token.
  • These APIs are a good option for advertisers who have a developer or programmer with technical skills. If you don't have these resources but still want an extra tool to help to manage large changes to your account, try Google Ads Editor or Google Ads scripts instead.

How to use the API
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