Product Linking: How to import Google Analytics (GA4) stats into Google Ads

To view Google Analytics 4 (GA4) site stats in a Google Ads account, you should first create a link between GA4 and Google Ads. The site stats export feature must be enabled on the created link. Linking can be created in a popup as against the standard pattern defined in the Account linking framework. Currently, activating App and web metrics is possible only after linking. This article is about how to import GA4 stats into Google Ads.

Before you begin

The export of site stats data from Google Ads can be regulated using controls on the ads link accessible in Google Ads. You can enable the flow of data from Google Analytics to Google Ads through an ads side control on the link. After it’s enabled, GA4 metrics will be available to pull into Google Ads reporting. Note that the stats derived from a manager account are auto-enabled and cannot be disabled.


Note: The instructions below are part of the new design for the Google Ads user experience. To use the previous design, click the "Appearance" icon, and select Use previous design. If you're using the previous version of Google Ads, review the Quick reference map or use the Search bar in the top navigation panel of Google Ads to find the page you’re searching for.

To import GA4 stats into Google Ads, you either need to link a Google analytics account or already have a GA4 property linked.

Steps to link Google Ads to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) or Firebase property

  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Admin icon Admin Icon.
  2. Click Linked accounts.
  3. Under "From Google," find “Google Analytics (GA4) & Firebase," then click Details.
  4. Click the blue plus button  above the table of linked properties.
  5. Select a Google Analytics or Firebase property from the dropdown, then click Next.
  6. Configure your settings for the Google Analytics property. You'll see the following options for data sharing that you can choose to turn on or off:
    • Import app and web metrics
    • Import Google Analytics audiences.
  7. Once you've selected your settings, click Link, and then click Done.

If you'd like to update the settings for the Google Analytics property or unlink it, click Manage next to the property in the table of linked properties. You can then use the toggle switch to adjust your settings. To unlink the linked property, click Unlink. A pop up window will appear for you to confirm your decision by clicking Unlink. Once you make changes, the table will reload with the updates.

Steps to check if your GA4 stats are imported

Follow these steps to check if your GA4 stats are being imported or to activate the import, if your Analytics property is already connected:

  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Admin icon Admin Icon.
  2. Click Linked accounts.
  3. Under "Your linked accounts and products," find “Google Analytics (GA4) & Firebase," then click Manage & Link.
  4. To import site metrics from a linked Google Analytics 4 property, click Manage in the “Action” column next to the property you want to modify.
  5. Toggle “Import app and web metrics” to on (click on the gray toggle - once clicked the toggle should turn blue). If the import is already activated the toggle will look blue.
  6. Click Save changes to activate the import. It can take about 5 minutes (but may sometimes be delayed by a few hours) for the data to become available after linking the property.
    • This property will be used to show site engagement metrics in the Google Analytics reporting columns of your account. Note that you’ll need to add Google Analytics 4 columns to your Google Ads reports, these are distinct from UA metrics and are labeled as (GA4) in the metric picker.
    • In most cases, it will take less than an hour for Google Analytics data to be imported, but the process may take longer for larger accounts. Once the data is imported, you can add Google Analytics columns to your Google Ads reports.

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