Secure your Google Ads account: Best Practices

Review who has access to your Google Ads account

You should regularly check on user access and permissions across your Google Ads accounts.

Check for unauthorized changes

Sign in to your Google Ads Account regularly to check for any unexpected or unauthorized activity such as changes to your ads or budget. If you think someone may have accessed your billing information, check your bank or credit card statements as well for any unauthorized activity. Report unauthorized Google Ads activity.

Remove inactive users

Remove access for users who have left your company or no longer work with your Google Ads account. Unless you remove these inactive users, they can still sign in to your account and make changes. Learn how to remove users from your account

Avoid sharing login credentials among multiple users

If many people need to use your Google Ads Account, don't have them share the same username and password. Instead, grant each person access to the Google Ads account, using their individual Google Account. Each Google Account can have direct access to up to 20 Google Ads Accounts. Also keep in mind that if you're managing multiple Google Ads accounts, a manager account might be a better option for you. You can then give different users access to the manager account, and allow them to access multiple accounts from that single manager account.

Grant the minimum access needed for each user

When you invite a new user, that user is assigned a specific access level. With different access levels, you can give users selective access to various tasks and features. For example, users with Admin access can invite new users into the account to make changes, while users with Standard access can't. Similarly, you can assign a “Read only” access or “Email only” access to users who don't need to make changes to your account. Learn more about access levels in your Google Ads Account

Review related manager accounts

If you have client accounts under a manager account, you can check if they’re linked to any managers outside of your MCC hierarchy in the “Related managers” tab. Learn more about the Related managers tab.

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