What are the different account access levels?

AdWords offers different levels of account access, to help you share access to your account with others while protecting your information.

Administrative (highest level of access)

With regular administrative access, you can do the following:

Have My Client Center (MCC) administrative access?

With MCC administrative access, you can do the following:

  • Invite users to share the account at the "standard (managed) access" and "reports only (managed) access" levels.
  • Change the access levels of other users on accounts they manage. Note: You can't grant other users administrative access unless those users previously had that level of access. You also can't revoke access invitations or terminate access to other users invited to share the account by a non-MCC administrative user. It is therefore not possible for an MCC admin to remove access for any "managed" access level initially granted by a non-MCC admininstrator.

Standard (access to most account features)

With standard access, you have almost the same capabilities as users with administrative access, with one major exception: you can't invite others to share access, change access, or disable access to the account. However, you can add email-only users to the account.

If you have "Standard access (managed)," you were invited to access the account by a My Client Center account manager (rather than by a regular account user with administrative access).

Read only (can view and run reports)

With reports access, you can do the following:

  • View and run reports from the Report Center.
  • Browse the Campaigns and Opportunities tabs. On the Campaigns tab, you can access reporting tools, such as filters and segmentation options, but you won't be able to edit settings on that tab.

If you have "Read only (managed)" access, you were invited to access the account by a My Client Center (MCC) account manager (rather than by a regular account user with administrative access). In addition to viewing and running reports, you can also do the following:

  • Receive account notification emails.
  • Unlink an account from the MCC.

Emails only (can receive email alerts)

With email access, you can't sign in to the account, but can receive account alerts, reports, and other notifications via email. You can't opt into receiving additional emails unless you contact the AdWords account administrator. If you have multiple AdWords accounts, a contact-only email can allow you to receive notifications for all your accounts at a single email address.

These access levels are managed on the Account access page under the My account tab. Each account must have at least one user with administrative access for critical email notifications. Learn how to invite users to access an account or change another user's level of access, if you have administrative access. Note: Any users you invite to access your account will also have access to any AdSense account that shares the same login information.

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