About conditional daily spending limits applied to Google Ads accounts

A conditional daily spending limit determines the amount your Google Ads account can spend per day across all ad campaigns. It can be removed if you complete advertiser verification.

What can you expect?

When a conditional daily spending limit is applied to your account, you’ll receive in-account notifications about the new limit. The spending limit will take precedence over any campaign budgets you’ve set.

While spending limits do not impact the performance of your ad campaigns, your ads will stop serving when you reach your conditional daily spending limit. While the spending limit is in effect, your ad campaigns will remain active and will automatically resume serving the next day.

Why do we apply a conditional daily spending limit to accounts? 

We want to provide a safe and trustworthy Ads ecosystem for our users and advertisers. In certain circumstances, when our systems suspect unusual activity in your account, we will automatically apply a conditional daily spending limit to the account. In these cases, we will require you to provide more information about your account before you can increase your spending.  

What can you do to remove the spending limit?

You can remove the spending limit by completing Advertiser verification. Follow the link in your in-account notification to get started.

To complete verification, you’ll need to:

  1. Answer a few basic questions related to your Google Ads account and business
  2. Verify your identity

You may also need to provide documentation which will be reviewed within 5 to 7 business days. Once you successfully complete Advertiser verification, the conditional daily spending limit will be removed from your account within 1 business day. You’ll be updated through an in-account notification. Learn more about how to complete identity verification

Please note, there’s no deadline to complete verification to lift the conditional daily spending limit. Your account does not need to abide by the 30-day time periods described in the advertiser verification page.

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