About video ads in Smart campaigns

Creating video ads may seem overwhelming to a small business owner, but Smart campaigns streamlines the campaign setup and management process. All you need to begin is a video.


Get more views and engagement on YouTube

Choosing an advertising goal is the first step of creating any Smart campaign. To create a video ad in Smart campaigns, be sure to select "Get more views and engagement on YouTube" as your advertising goal. Your ad will show on YouTube and Google partner websites and apps. Learn more About goals in Smart campaigns.

Note: Getting more views and engagement on YouTube is only available when creating a Smart campaign in Smart Mode. Learn more About Smart Mode and Expert Mode.



  • Simple and mobile-friendly ad creation process
  • Minimal ongoing management
  • Pay only when someone views or clicks your ad
  • Advertise on YouTube and Google partner websites


How it works

After you’ve chosen "Get more views and engagement on YouTube" as your advertising goal, select a video from your YouTube account or upload a video from your computer. Then select the details of your video ad, like where you’d like your video ad to appear and where viewers should land when they click on your ad.

Compare ad placement by traffic destination

Where do you want to drive traffic from the video ad? (Final URL) To the ad's video page To an external website
Ad placement
Learn more About video ad formats.
In-feed In-stream
How it works The video ad is placed as a thumbnail next to related videos or on the YouTube homepage. The video ad automatically plays before, during, or after other YouTube videos.


Next, you’ll choose your targeting settings, like the location and language of your customers, their demographics, and their interests. You can make these settings as narrow or as broad as you like. Lastly, you set the budget that’s right for you and choose an end date for your campaign or let it run continuously.

Throughout the ad creation process, you can view weekly performance estimates for your video ad, which will vary depending on your campaign settings and budget.

What’s the difference between video ads in Smart campaigns and other video campaign types in Google Ads?

With other video campaigns types in Google Ads, you’re responsible for all aspects of your advertising campaign. You choose the keywords that help decide when your ads show. You also determine a daily budget, how much to spend on each click, and where your ads can show.

In Smart campaigns, video campaigns can be set up in minutes and require only minimal ongoing management. Using Google AI, your Smart campaign works to constantly improve your ad around your goal, measure its performance, and show you clear, understandable results. Learn more about how to Compare Smart campaigns with other Google Ads campaign types.


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