Optimization score expands to Video action campaigns

June 10, 2021

Optimizing your campaigns is crucial to improving performance for your Video campaigns and driving the business results you need. That’s why we’re bringing optimization score to Video action campaigns. Optimization score surfaces personalized recommendations to help maximize your campaign performance across Search, Display, Shopping, and now Video. 

Similar to other campaign types, your optimization score will range from 0% to 100%, with 100% meaning your campaign is set to perform at its full potential. We’ve also added recommendations for Video action campaigns that help you follow the best practices that drive the most impact. Advertisers that follow best practices for their Video action campaigns drive over 50% more conversions per dollar and at least 40% higher conversion rates, compared to when they don’t follow best practices.1 You can easily tap into your Video action campaigns’ maximum potential by checking the optimization score and following the listed recommendations that meet your business goals.

Screenshot of Google Ads UI showing recommendations

Rakuten, a leading online retailer, used optimization score to make better decisions. “Optimization score has actionable information to help us improve day-to-day account management. It has really helped us organize our time, and focus on the opportunities with the biggest expected return,” said Makoto Sumiya, Search Engine Marketing Team Lead of Rakuten.

To start using optimization score, visit the Recommendations page and check out this best practices guide.

Posted by Irina Su, Product Manager, Google Ads



1. Google data, Global, Aug 2020 - Jan 2021, 911 advertisers with a minimum of 1 campaign following best practices and 1 not following best practices, delivering a minimum of 10 conversions per campaign

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