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Google Ads experiments can help you continuously improve the performance of your campaigns. By testing different campaign settings, you can reach more customers and drive better results quickly and efficiently for your business.

A hero image demonstrating the process of campaign experiments.

You can create the following types of experiments:

  • Ad variations
    • Text and responsive search ads
  • Custom Experiments
    • Search and Display campaigns
  • Video experiments

How it works

You can create and run an experiment on your campaign to test the impact of your proposed changes. If you split the budget equally between the original campaign and experiment, you can easily compare the results over a specified time period. If your experiment produces better results at the end of that time period, you can apply the experiment to the original campaign or replace the original campaign.

To set up the experiment, click Experiments in the left page menu. You can select “All experiments” to view and manage all of your experiments, or select a specific experiment type (ad variations, custom experiments, or video experiments) to create a new experiment.

All experiments

The ‘All experiments’ table shows your experiments across all channels and experiment types (Search, Display, and Video). From this table, you can view and manage experiment statuses and options.

Ad variations

With ad variations, you can review the performance of your variations and apply the modified ads to your account. Ad variations are typically used to test text ads, responsive search ads, or a single change across multiple campaigns. Ad variations are available for Search campaigns.

Once you’ve set up an ad variation you can view the results and compare how the modified ads perform against original ads. When you are happy with the ad variation experiment results, you can apply the modified ads to your campaign.

Custom experiments for Search and Display

Custom experiments are typically used to test Smart Bidding, keyword match types, landing pages, audiences, and ad groups. Custom experiments are available for Search and Display campaigns.

You can now create an experiment without first creating a draft. This will make it easier to compare the performance of your base campaign and trial campaign.

Once you’ve selected a base campaign to run an experiment with, you’ll set up the experiment and update the settings you’d like to test. Our system will create a new trial campaign for you with the new settings. After you have run the experiment and evaluated its performance, you can choose to apply the new settings back to the base campaign or run as a new independent campaign.

Video Experiments

Video experiments are used to determine which of your video ads is more effective on YouTube. Video experiments are available for Video and Discovery campaigns.

You can:

  • Set up 2 to 4 different groups (known as experiment arms).
  • Choose the campaigns to include in the experiment (with a different video ad in each campaign).
  • Select a success metric (“Brand lift” or “Conversions”) to measure and compare the performance of the campaigns.

After you set up a video experiment, you can monitor its performance in Google Ads and find the best performing video ads in the experiment arms. By understanding which ad is performing better in the experiment, you can make an informed decision on which campaign to continue using and allocating higher budgets to.

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