Attribution reports now include YouTube and Display ads

February 18, 2021

Attribution in Google Ads helps you understand the paths people take to complete a conversion. It awards credit for conversions to different ads, clicks, and other factors along the way, so you can focus your investments on the media having the biggest impact on results.

Last year, we launched a new look for attribution reports to help you get important insights faster. Recently, we also added YouTube ads to attribution reports in beta to help you understand the role video plays in your customer’s path to purchase.

To give you an even more holistic view of your Google media, we’ve now added Display ads to attribution reports, alongside Search (including Shopping) and YouTube ads.

Measure more of your Google media

YouTube and Display ads in attribution reports are now in beta. Eligible advertisers will be able to opt-in within the Measurement > Attribution section of Google Ads. Once you’ve opted in, you’ll see both YouTube and Display ads in all attribution reports alongside Search ads (including Shopping). Attribution reports include Top Paths, Assisted Conversions, Path Metrics, and Model Comparison reports.

See the most common paths your customers take with the Top Paths report

The Top Paths report shows how your Search (including Shopping), YouTube, and Display ads work together to drive conversions. This makes it easy to view the most common paths your customers take to complete a conversion based on the ads they interact with along the way. This includes clicks and video engagements.

Example Top Paths report
See how your Search (including Shopping), YouTube, and Display ads work together in the Top Paths report

Compare different attribution models with the Model comparison report

Model comparison helps you compare your cost per conversion and return on ad spend for different attribution models, such as last click, rules-based, and data-driven attribution. Now, you’ll be able to see your Search, YouTube, and Display ads in one place and understand their impact on conversions to help you select the attribution model that’s right for your business.

Attribution reports can be found in Google Ads by clicking the tools iconTools icon in the upper right. Then, under Measurement, select Attribution.

Learn more about attribution reports and attribution models, and cross-network attribution (beta).

Posted by Charles Huyi, Product Manager, Google Ads

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