Create a California opt-out message

After you’ve set up your sites, create the California opt-out message to be displayed to your eligible users in the US state of California.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure the California opt-out message meets your legal requirements.
  • Vendors need to have the ability to technically read the signals per the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework in order to be made aware of a user’s opt-out status.

The opt-out message consists of two components:

  • A “do not sell my information” link displayed at the bottom of each page on which you’ve placed the Funding Choices tag, and
  • A confirmation dialog box that is displayed to users that click the “do not sell my information” link.

Creating a California opt-out message

  1. Sign in to your Funding Choices account at
  2. Select the site where you want to display the California opt-out message.
  3. Click New message (or Create if it's your first).
  4. Select California opt-out. The "California opt-out" page opens, where you'll set the details of the message.
  5. In the Message title field, give the message a name that allows you to quickly find it in the interface. The name is shown internally only.
  6. Select the language—English or Spanish—in which the default text and button names of the message are displayed to users.
  7. Click Continue. A preview of the CCPA "do-not-sell" link is displayed: "Do Not Sell My Personal Information". This link will be displayed at the bottom of the pages that use the Funding Choices tag.
  8. (Optional) Edit and format the link to match your site's editorial and visual standards.
  9. Click Continue. A preview of the confirmation dialog box is displayed. This is the message your users see when they click the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link.

    Default confirmation dialog for CCPA messages
    Above: default confirmation dialog box

  10. (Optional) Edit and format the message to match your site's editorial and visual standards.
  11. Click Save when you’re done.
  12. When you’re ready, publish the message.
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