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Privacy & messaging

Funding Choices has moved to AdSense Privacy & messaging

We have completed the process of moving user messages from Funding Choices to the new Privacy & messaging pages in AdSense. Your existing EU consent/GDPR messages and CCPA messages have been moved automatically. 

Because each site in AdSense can only be associated with one user message of each type, some messages haven't been moved from Funding Choices to AdSense. 

The following messages have been moved to your AdSense account: 

  • The currently published message for each site.
  • If a site doesn't have a published message, the site's most recently created or updated message has been moved instead.

The following messages have not been moved to your AdSense account: 

In this article, you will find more information about moving from Funding Choices to Privacy & messaging, including:

Overview of Privacy & messaging

Our new Privacy & messaging tool integrates Funding Choices' functionality into the AdSense user interface to help you manage privacy choices and monetize your content. Create and manage the messages you use to obtain consent from your users, all within AdSense.

To access your Privacy & messaging page, sign in to your AdSense account and click Privacy & messaging in the sidebar. On the Privacy & messaging page, you can manage the settings and existing messages related to GDPR and CCPA. 

To create a new message, sign in to your AdSense account and click Ads. Then, click the Edit for the site on which you want to create a message and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now that your messages have been moved to Privacy & message, you no longer have access to the EU user consent and CCPA settings pages previously located within Blocking controls in AdSense. These settings will now appear in Privacy & messaging.

Existing messages in Funding Choices

Your previously created messages have been moved to your AdSense account. To find your messages:

  • EU consent/GDPR messages: Click Privacy & messaging and then GDPR
  • CCPA messages: Click Privacy & messaging and then CCPA

You can no longer create EU consent/GDPR messages or CCPA messages in Funding Choices or use other pages in AdSense to manage your GDPR and CCPA settings.

Vendors and ad technology providers for GDPR

Previously selected vendors (Funding Choices) and ad technology providers (AdSense) have been merged into a single list of ad partners in Privacy & messaging. To find the combined list of ad partners after your account has been updated, sign in to your AdSense account and click Privacy & messaging and then GDPR and then Settings and then Select ad partners.

The combined ad partners list will be used to request consent from users in your previously published messages as well as any new messages you create. If you don't ask returning users to consent again, only new users will be asked to consent using this combined list. The new ad partners will not be included in the consent strings of returning users. You can use the GDPR settings in Privacy & messaging to adjust the combined list of ad partners and ask returning users to consent again, if desired.

Ad blocking messages

If you are an AdSense user who previously created ad blocking messages in Funding Choices, those messages have also been moved to your AdSense account. To find your previously created messages, click Privacy & messaging and then Ad blocking recovery.

Should I replace the tag on my site if it's different from what's available in Privacy & messaging? 

If you have added a tag to your site code from your legacy Funding Choices account, there's no need to retag your site at this time. Your ad blocking recovery messages will be displayed using this existing tag.
However, if you want to replace the legacy Funding Choices tag on your site, complete the following steps:
  1. Copy the ad blocking recovery tag from your Privacy & messaging page and paste it into your site's code.
  2. Confirm that your site code already contains the AdSense code. If not, add the AdSense code to your site.
  3. Confirm that your site has been approved. If not, submit your site for review.

“Do not sell” and consent revocation links

AdSense will automatically add the required GDPR consent revocation link and CCPA “Do not sell” link to sites on which you display these message types. These links will only be added to sites that have been approved and also contain the AdSense code.

Confirm that the automatically added links are working correctly. Then, remove any manually added consent revocation and “Do not sell” link code from these sites to avoid showing duplicate links on your sites.


  • Logos you previously uploaded to the gallery in Funding Choices have been transferred to the new Privacy & messaging gallery in AdSense.
  • You can upload a logo and link it to your site, or select a previously uploaded logo. Site logos must be in .PNG or .JPG format and 150KB or less. We recommend logos that are sized 600x120px and have an aspect ratio of 5:1.

Privacy URLs

  • The privacy URL associated with your previously existing individual messages has automatically been associated with the site listed on the Privacy & messaging page instead.
  • The privacy URL assigned to a site will be used for any GDPR messages associated with that site.

Privacy URLs can also be configured by clicking Ads and then Edit for the site you want to update.

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