Set up your Custom Choice message for ad block users

A Custom Choice message allows you to offer ad blocking users the choice to either allow ads on your site, or to choose a custom option that you implement.

For example, you can offer ad blocking users the option to allow ads on your site or buy a subscription to your site. 

Follow the steps below to implement a Custom Choice message:

Step 1: Implement googlefc.controlledMessagingFunction of the Funding Choices API 

You must implement the googlefc.controlledMessagingFunction function of the Funding Choices unified API before publishing your custom choice message. This is required, and helps ensure that users who have complied with the terms of the custom choice do not see the message on future visits. 

Code implementation example
   // Make sure that the googlefc property exists on the window.
   window.googlefc = window.googlefc || {};
   // To guarantee functionality, this must go before the FC tag on
   // the page.
   googlefc.controlledMessagingFunction = (message) => {
     // Do not show the message if the user is a subscriber.
     if (user.getStatus() == `subscriber`) {
     } else {
  <FC tag goes here>


Step 2: Set up the Custom Choice message

  1. When creating a message for ad block users, select the "Whitelist or custom solution" option as the message your users will see.
  2. Set up the following items when editing the message:
    1. (Optional) Edit the button text for your custom choice, if necessary

      Custom Choice button default text
      Default Custom Choice button text. Edit if necessary.

    2. In the Custom URL field, enter the URL to which the button should link. For example, you might enter the URL of your subscription sign-up page:

      Custom Choice URL text field filled-in
      A Custom Choice URL—for example, your site's subscription sign-up page

    3. (Optional) Edit the "Already a subscriber" footer text, if necessary. This footer link is used for users who believe they have already complied with the custom choice.

      Custom Choice default footer text
      Default text in Custom Choice footer. Edit if necessary

    4. In the Footer URL field, enter a URL for the footer. For example, the URL might take users to a page that verifies that they are already a subscriber to your site:

      Footer URL specified for Custom Choice
      A Custom Choice footer URL—for example, your site's subscription confirmation page

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