Setting up your account

  1. You may request the terms of service from your Google representative. Once the agreement has been executed, provide your Google representative with following information:
    • Account name: The name of your company or business.
    • Display name: The name your readers recognize (for example, if the Account name is “The Meow Times Inc,” the Display name might be “Meow Times”).
    • AdSense/Ad Exchange ID
    • Administrator emails: At least one account administrator needs to be associated with your account. Administrator emails need to be either Gmail or G Suite accounts. You can add more administrator emails at any time.
      • Even if you add administrator emails through the Publisher Admin Tool, ask your Google representative to add admin emails to the Google Group to provide full access to the Funding Choices Help Center, Preview Extension, and Publisher Admin Tool. Note: do not send emails to the above address.
      • To confirm that an email is properly added to the Google Group, sign in to that account, go to, and click My groups. "fundingchoicestesters_help” should be listed. You can also ask your Google representative to verify.
  2. Provide your company or business logo. The logo will be displayed in the Contributor interface as a visual cue for users that want to add your site to their ad removal pass. 
    1. Create a version of your company or business logo that is a .PNG file and 192 x 192px in size and adheres to the logo requirements below.

    Above: logo requirements

  3. Learn more about components and availability, consent and ad blocking messages, and message tags.

Consult your Google representative with any questions.

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