Components and availability

Funding Choices for messaging ad block users gives publishers like you an opportunity to recapture revenue that’s lost due to ad block usage. It presents visitors that have ad blockers installed with choices on how they want to fund your content. 


Funding Choices for ad blocking has the following components:

  • Ad block detection:  Identifies visitors to your site that have ad blocking software installed.
  • Messaging: Customizable consumer-facing messaging framework (a “message wall”) to explain choices to your users that have ad blockers installed.
  • Contributor: An ad removal pass for your site. It’s a new source of monetization for your site, funded directly by your visitors. Learn more
  • Reporting: Provides insights into ad block usage among your site visitors, along with message wall performance.

These components comprise a single offering aimed at increasing conversion of users with ad blockers installed to non-ad blocking or paid users.


Funding Choices and Contributor will be available in the following languages, currencies, and countries, respectively:

Languages supported by the Funding Choices message builder
Note: each Funding Choices account supports one language.
Bulgarian French Polish
Croatian German Portuguese (Portugal)
Czech Greek Romanian
Danish Hungarian Slovak
Dutch Icelandic Slovenian
English Italian Spanish
English (UK) Latvian Spanish (Latin America)
Estonian Lithuanian Swedish
Finnish Norwegian  
Currencies supported by Contributor

AUD: Australian dollar

BGN: Bulgarian lev

CAD: Canadian dollar

CHF: Swiss franc

CZK: Czech koruna

DKK: Danish krone

EUR: European euro

GBP: Pound sterling

HRK: Croatian kuna

HUF: Hungarian forint

NOK: Norwegian krone

NZD: New Zealand dollar

PLN: Polish zloty

RON: Romanian leu

SEK: Swedish krona

USD: United States dollar

Countries in which Contributor and Funding Choices are available
Note: the message is displayed to users that visit from these countries on desktop devices.


Australia Germany New Zealand
Austria Greece Norway
Belgium Hungary Poland
Bulgaria Iceland Portugal
Canada Ireland Romania
Croatia Italy Slovakia
Cyprus Latvia Slovenia
Czech Republic Liechtenstein Spain
Denmark Lithuania Sweden
Estonia Luxembourg Switzerland
Finland Malta United Kingdom
France Netherlands United States
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