Events: Games

Implement these events in your game app.


The following events are recommended for game apps. To learn how to implement these events (using logEvent), refer to the developer documentation.

Game apps should log the events listed in this article and the events for all apps. Logging events along with their prescribed parameters ensures maximum available detail in reports and lets you benefit from the latest Firebase features and integrations as they become available.
Event Triggered... Parameters
earn_virtual_currency when a user has earned virtual currency (coins, gems, tokens, etc.) in the app. virtual_currency_name, value
join_group when a user joins a group. Allows you to track the popularity of various clans or user groups. group_id
level_up when a player levels-up in the game. character, level
post_score when a player posts his or her score. level, character, score
select_content when a user has selected content in an app. content_type, item_id
spend_virtual_currency when a user has spent virtual currency (coins, gems, tokens, etc.) in the app. item_name, virtual_currency_name, value
tutorial_begin when a user begins a tutorial. No parameters
tutorial_complete when a user completes a tutorial. No parameters
unlock_achievement when a player unlocks an achievement. achievement_id

Note: Dynamic remarketing parameters for the web are optionally implemented with arrays. Arrays are not currently supported for dynamic remarketing parameters with Firebase at this time, but will be supported in a future release. This may impact the ability to exclude purchase products from dynamic ads.

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