[GA4] Monetization reports

The Monetization data let you analyze purchase activity on your site or app. You can see product and transaction information, ecommerce conversion rates, and data on product lists, promotions, coupons related to conversions.

Collect events

To collect monetization data, you need to collect the recommended events for retail/ecommerce.

To measure purchase activity, purchase is the recommended event to collect.

If you were previously collecting the ecommerce_purchase event, you can continue to do so but you will not have access to new insights and features built for the recommended purchase event.

Regardless of which event you are collecting, be sure the event is enabled as a conversion in Analytics. If exporting to Google Ads, also make any necessary adjustments to bidding in Google Ads.

Open the Monetization reports

To open the Monetization reports, click Monetization in the left pane.

For information about the reports that are available, and the related dimensions and metrics, see the Monetization section of Reports, dimensions, and metrics.

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