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Games reporting Beta unveils new metrics based on automatically tracked events and metrics that are significant to your business and the way you evaluate your customers across the user funnel. The goal of this new reporting curriculum is to give you more flexibility and metric-driven insights.

Access games reporting

Games reporting is available in Google Analytics 4 properties that have either:

  • At least one App stream associated with a games app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  • Property Settings > Industry category set to Games.

To open this curriculum, use the menu at the top of the left pane:


A new Home page opens with games-specific summary cards. The list of reports in the left pane also changes to include the four categories of Games reporting: Acquisition, Retention, Engagement, Monetization.


Use the menu at the top of the left pane to return to the default Google Analytics 4 reports.

A new Home page

The Home page lets you see key metrics from every area of the customer journey so you can have an overview of how your business is performing and where changes are occuring. Summary cards on this page link to their respective user acquisition, retention, engagement and monetization reports for deeper analysis. Insights are integrated to help you identify key opportunities to drive your business forward.

Analyze the user funnel

These reports are intended to mirror the player funnel and provide an industry-standard set of dimensions and metrics that let you understand how you acquire users, how you keep them coming back, and how well you generate revenue.

Acquisition focuses on the numbers of new users and the methods of acquisition (e.g., medium, source, campaign, ad network).

Retention tracks how effectively you turn new users into returning users and what percentage of users keep coming back (e.g., from Day 1 to Days 7, 14, and 28).

Engagement measures user activity by event count, the amount of time users engage in game play, and the number of times users initiate game play (sessions).

Monetization is all about in-app-purchase revenue, buyers, and transactions: how much money you're making overall, how much you're making per user and transaction, and the extent to which users are becoming buyers.

Use these reports to understand where in the user funnel you're succeeding and where you have opportunities to improve.

New metrics

Games reporting introduces new automatically calculated metrics, such as Buyer Conversion and Revenue Heartbeat, that are based on Google Play’s recommended key performance indicators. See the Games section of Reports, dimensions, and metrics.

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