Overview of the Network tab

Identify and manage the devices connected to your Google Fiber account.
You can manage and monitor your Wi-Fi network and devices through the Google Fiber app or the Google Home app (for Google Wifi and Nest Wifi Pro users). You’ll find the answers to your technical questions there — from running a speed test, to restarting your router, to connecting devices to your network — and so much more.
Most Network Box customers are eligible to upgrade to a Nest Wifi Pro Router. To learn more, please visit the Router upgrade for Network Box customers article.

You can manage your network settings from the Network tab in your Fiber account.

To open the Network page:

  1. Sign into your GFiber accountwith your email and password.

  2. Select Network  at the top-left corner.

The Network page

Manage devices connected to your Google Fiber network in your network settings.

The Network page is separated into the following sections:


The Internet page shows basic information and details about your internet connection.


The Router page shows basic information and details about your router.  

If you’re using your own router, check your router’s user manual for information on settings and status.


The Extenders page shows basic information and details about all connected mesh extenders on your network.

  1. Click Manage extender to see specific information of each mesh extender, such as make, model, and serial number.
  2. Once you select an extender you can view the extender details.


The Devices page shows the basic information and details of all current and previously-connected devices on your GFiber network. 

Solid dots indicate a device that is currently connected to the network, while no dots indicate a device that isn’t. Once you select a device you can view the device details.

Show Password

This will display your Wi-Fi network’s password.

  • Click Copy to copy the password to your system clipboard.

Edit Network settings

The Network settings page allows you to turn your Wi-Fi ON or OFF, Change your Wi-Fi network name or password, Set up or configure a guest network, and access advanced network settings.


Guest network

You can Set up or configure a guest network from within your GFiber account.

Guest networks are available for the Wi-Fi 6 Router, Multi-Gig Router, and Wi-Fi 6E Router. If you have a Google Wifi or Nest Wifi Pro router, you can use the Google Home app to manage your Wi-Fi settings.

Speed Test

You can check the speed of your Wi-Fi connection from within your GFiber account. Click the Run speed test button to run a speed test.

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