Understand your monthly bill

At the start of each month, we send you an email that links to your monthly bill. No action is required on your part; we automatically charge the primary credit card, debit card, or bank account associated with your account ten days later (learn more about How you pay for Fiber). You can also find your monthly bill on the Account tab in your Fiber account a few days after the beginning of each month.

To view your bill online:

  1. Sign in to Fiber using the email and password you use for your Fiber account. Your Account page appears.

  2. Click Manage Bill; then click View Statements.

  3. In the Statements section, click the banner to display your current bill. If you want to display more than one bill, select the range of dates you want from the drop-down menu. Each bill is displayed separately and can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking Download on the desired banner.

The first page of your bill displays a summary of your charges, which may include:

  • Fiber service for current month
  • Fiber service for the next month
  • Charges for additional devices
  • Charges for additional TV packages
  • Applicable government taxes and fees
  • Applicable construction or installation fees
  • The total amount of your bill

The second page of your bill displays government taxes and fees, and if applicable, a list of videos you rented in the past month and any adjustments that might apply to your bill. The Video On Demand and Adjustments sections only appear on this page if you're a TV customer and have rented videos or your bill has been adjusted.

The third page of your bill appears only if your service includes Fiber Phone, and displays charges for international calls made on your home phone.

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