Make a payment in advance

You can pay your Google Fiber bill early if you have a balance due or outstanding balance.

You can make a payment in advance, that is, add an amount of money on your account to cover charges for future bills. The minimum payment is $10. However, if your balance due is less than $10, the minimum payment is the amount of your outstanding balance.

Making a payment using a card assigned as a primary or backup card charges the outstanding balance on your account. If you're in good standing and only pay a portion of your balance due, you can either:

  • Make another early payment to fully settle the balance prior to your billing date.
  • Do nothing and the remainder will be automatically withdrawn from your primary form of payment on your billing date.


To make a payment in advance:

  1. Sign in to Fiber using the email and password you use for your Fiber account. Your Account page appears.

  2. Click Manage Bill; then click Pay Early. By default, the amount you enter is applied to your primary payment method.

  3. If you prefer to associate the charge with another payment method, or want to add a new card or bank account to associate the charge with, click the carat next to the selected payment method and choose the desired method.

    Pay your Google fiber bill in advance.

  4. Specify your payment amount:
    1. Last Payment:  Pay in advance the same amount you last paid.
    2. Other amount:  Pay in advance a portion of the amount you'll owe on their billing date.
      • Enter a minimum of $10
  5. Click Make a Payment
  6. Confirm your payment details and then click Make Payment to complete the transaction. Your account balance is updated as soon as the payment is authorized.

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