Get faster Wi-Fi speeds

Although Google Fiber provides the fastest network speeds available in the home today, there are some steps you can take to ensure the best Fiber Wi-Fi speeds possible.

  • Place your devices close to your router

    In general, place your router (Network Box or Google Wifi point) near the center of your home for maximum coverage. Keep your router off the floor, and out of closets and cabinets. Staying within 100 feet of your router will increase your W-iFi speed.

  • Ensure that walls or other solid objects aren't blocking your signal

    Wi-Fi networks use a radio signal that can be blocked or weakened by any number of construction materials: cinder block, concrete, metal, and even wood and drywall.

  • Check the age of your device

    In most cases, newer wireless devices (computers, phones or tablets) use standards that enable faster Wi-Fi speeds. You'll get the fastest speeds if your device uses a 802.11ac Wave2 standard. If your device uses the 802.11g protocol, it is limited to wireless-G speeds (maximum 54 Mbps).

  • Connect to your network's 5 GHz frequency rather than 2.4 GHz

    If you experience interference, consider connecting to your network's 5 GHz signal to improve performance. Signals from neighboring devices can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Typically this only occurs on the 2.4 GHz signal because other types of devices, for example, microwaves and baby monitors also use the 2.4 GHz signal.

  • Avoid WEP security

    If you have used advanced settings to enable WEP security on your network, your maximum network speed will be reduced. To get the fastest speeds with network security, use the WPA2 security setting.

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