Troubleshoot your GFiber internet and Wi-Fi

Follow the steps below to find solutions for common internet and Wi-Fi problems. You’ll learn how to check for a service outage, verify that your account's in good standing, and troubleshoot your Fiber Jack, router, and Mesh Extender (if you have one).

We suggest you start by downloading the Google Fiber mobile app (and the Google Home app, if you have a Nest Wifi Pro or Google Wifi router). On the app, you can find information there about whether there’s an internet outage in your area, if your router is offline, and the state of your home network.

If you prefer, you can also sign in to your GFiber account on the web using your email address and password to access all of this information.

Some other things to note:

  • You can run a speed test to learn how fast the connection is to your devices (and check out these tips to make sure you get the best results).
  • Your Wi-Fi signal can be weakened by walls and other solid objects. Be sure to keep all sides of your router clear of obstacles and make sure that it’s out in the open — not inside a cabinet or drawer.
  • Newer wireless devices (like computers, phones and tablets) use standards that enable faster Wi-Fi speeds. You'll get the fastest speeds if you have a Wi-Fi 6 or 6E router and you’re using new devices.

We recommend following the steps below (in order) to troubleshoot your internet connection:

A gear and wrench icon, shown coming out of a laptop computer screen above a blue background

1. Check for an internet service outage

You can see whether there’s a service outage in your area on, by signing into your GFiber account, or by using the Google Fiber app.

An illustration of a bill showing an outstanding balance

2. Verify that your account is in good standing

Your internet service may be suspended if you have an outstanding balance on your account. Learn how to update your payment methods and pay your balance.

An illustration of a Fiber Jack with a troubleshoot alert icon

3. Troubleshoot your Fiber Jack

The Fiber Jack allows GFiber's fiber optic signal to come into your home.  

If it isn’t online and communicating with your router, it could cause problems with your internet service.

A graphic with a yellow background, showing a Nest Wifi Pro router connected to a desktop computer with a green ethernet cable

4. Troubleshoot your router

Your router provides wired or wireless coverage to your home and personal devices (like computers, phones, and tablets).

If it’s misconfigured or offline, it could cause problems with your internet service.

An illustration of the Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Extender with a troubleshoot alert icon

5. Troubleshoot your Mesh Extender

You may have a Mesh Extender in addition to your router. 

If your internet connection is strong near your router but your Mesh Extender is having service issues, you may want to try re-pairing it or resetting it.


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