Known issues

Can’t verify phone number with WhatsApp

In some cases, if you transferred your number from Google Voice you may have trouble verifying your number with WhatsApp. We're currently looking into the issue and we appreciate your patience. 

If you experience this issue, please contact WhatsApp support and ask them to manually verify your number. 

Group messaging in Hangouts

Update: Group messages are now supported in the latest version of Hangouts (version 5.0). Learn how to update.

Spam calls on Bluetooth watches

Update: This issue has been fixed with Android 6.0

You may see spam calls from +1-408-256-0700 on Bluetooth watches connected to a Project Fi phone. This is the number Project Fi uses when it identifies a spam call. It only appears on your watch and doesn't ring your phone. When you see the number, please ignore it.

Voicemail notifications not working

Update: This issue has been fixed with Android 6.0

When you have a new voicemail message, in some cases you won’t see a notification on your phone even if you have sound and vibrate notifications turned on.

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