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iPhone on Fi and MMS Hi, I'm using Fi on my wife's iPhone as part of a family plan with 3 other Android phones. I underst… Calls and texts not working. Data is. Note: my case has been escalated and they are working on it. Hoping to find a resolve fast. First - …
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Trouble with connectivity in Muscat Oman. Does not connect to local Cellular services Omantel and ooredoo. Connects only over WiFi. Tried swit…
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 2 Upvotes
Offering $300 off the Pixel 3 & Pixel 3XL + $100 off the Moto G7 Hi everyone, Now for a limited time at fi.google.com, Fi is offering a $300 discount on the Pixel 3 …
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My Moto e5 play with data-only SIM has a Fi cellular connection but no internet I think I've worked through everything on https://support.google.com/fi/answer/6202207?hl=en. My Mot…
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Visual voicemail not working - Pixel 3 XL Visual voicemail is not showing up as an option on the phone app like it used to do in my pixel 2 XL…
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SMS 22801 not working on Fi I cannot send or receive SMS to the short code number 22801. This is a problem because it is the SMS…
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Poor call quality For the last few days call quality has been deplorable. Dropped calls. Poor voice quality. Can't mak…
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Can we use Google fi for more than 120 days in Turkey? Can we use Google fi for more than 120 days in Turkey?
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Taxes and regulatory fee on the next 2 bills after cancelling Google Fi service Hi there, I've cancelled Google Fi and understand that first, there'll be two bills after the cancel… Nexus 5x died, how to restore call history/sms that are backed up on google drive, on new phone Dead Nexus 5x to a Moto g6. In setting up new phone, none of the SMS or call history transferred to …
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Will the BlackBerry key 2 LE work on Google fi? Will the BlackBerry key 2 LE work on Google fi?
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45+ days, refund still not processed, Google Fi team members sending me conflicting emails I have emailed, called and chatted now around 15 times. Google Fi's team have deeply let me down. I …
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