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Updated: Yesterday
mobile data ~ how to ensure it keeps off and ask for permission before turning on I saw today for some reason my mobile data section once you pull down from the top of Moto G6 then s…
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Is Sicily included in Italy for international FIcoverage? Sicily included in Italy coverage? SMS 22801 not working on Fi I cannot send or receive SMS to the short code number 22801. This is a problem because it is the SMS…
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How do i send back my phone and cancel my service. Google fi's support team is absolutely horrible. I have worked with support for over 3 months. I the support has been decently nice but way less than…
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Introducing the Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL + Savings from Fi! Hi everyone, We're excited to announce the newest additions to the Google Fi lineup: meet the Pixel …
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I will the OnePlus 7 pro work with Fi? I dont see it in the choices but it did just come out... I want to use my oneplus 7 pro on the Fi network but I dont see it as an option I can choose tue 6T … $10 per 1GB in 2019?? WTF Google? After I used 15GB of data while travelling, my internet is throttled to 256kbps which basically rend… Frustrated with level of customer service On May 11th whilst watching a video on Youtube, my Pixel XL froze and died. I restarted it, brought …
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Why is Android Messages now requiring me to turn on either Wifi or Mobile Data? I used to be able to send simple SMS text messages from Android Messages without turning on Wifi or … Waiting weeks for device lost/stolen in transit I ordered a Pixel 3 during the Google Fi birthday promotion (Apr 22) and 4 weeks later, I have yet t… I don't receive a new voicemail notification on my Pixel 3xl, nor did it show up in the phone app. I've gone into the Google fi app and turned on/off/on visual messages and dial in access with a pin.… Has anyone successfully tested Google Fi in a dual-SIM setup (e.g. Huawei Mate 20 Pro)? I have an Honor View20 to start. I can insert my Google Fi SIM in slot 1 and the service works perfe…
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Can FI provide WiFi in our home? Is there a map of FI WiFi Hotspots? Dear Google - Please provide a map of all known FI accessible WIFI hotspots around the world. Also c…
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