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Hi how do I remove the phone off my bill so i can use this one I'm trying to change my account to bring my own phone
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RCS unavailable I just bought an unlocked Samsung S20. I had been using my old project fi sim card (2016). When I do…
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Hook ups &dating Meet people on line
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moto g6 keeps looping -- is anyone else having problem? any fixes? About once per week, for last 3 or 4 months, it goes into a looping. The only way I can stop it is w…
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Swap to a non-Fi SIM outside of US, Fi service is deactivated. This used to work. What happens? I travelled to Taiwan with intention to stay for 2 months. Due to Covid 19, my return flight kept go…
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Member of our group left Fi and ported her number to a different carrier When a member of our group left Google Fi, she ported her phone number to AT&T. When we dial her num…
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Sprint OMADM: "The profile update could not be completed" I have and Samsung J7 and came from VirginMobileUSA. My phone recently updated the OS, and since the…
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Group repay going away I just got a notification that Group Repay is going away? Why is Google taking away something that w…
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If I am on Flexible Plan can I buy the Google One? I want to Sign up for the Flexible Plan and pre order the Google 4a...but I want to know if I can bu…
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how to mark all voicemails read in moto g stylus I have the Moto G Stylus since my Nexus died. Most of my voicemails are marked as unread even though…
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37hou do i see m6 commens in YouTube How do i see m6 comment on my YouTube
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Getting calls from "Hangout Audio" moments into all received calls. Anyone else? Lately (since last Thursday), whenever I answer a call on my phone (iPhone), about 5-10 seconds into…
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Can't port out from fi to verizon I decided to switch from google fi to verizon. I went through all the normal steps. Called up verizo…
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My phone got stuck in the port process. How do I cancel the port and get a new number? My number won’t port over from Verizon. It says account info is incorrect. Now I need to just get a …
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How do xfer contacts from Verizon iPhone to Google Fi Pixel 4a? I would like to xfer all my contacts from a Verizon iPhone to Google Fi Pixel 4a. Help!
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Will the 2020 model of the Motorola Edge 5G work on the Fi network? Need to replace Pixel 3xl and the newer Pixel device screens are too small.
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Trying to port number from Verizon. Tried, canceled, retried for 9 days. Any help?? I am trying to port my number from Verizon. I have been going back and forth with support for 9 days…
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