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I don't receive a new voicemail notification on my Pixel 3xl, nor did it show up in the phone app. I've gone into the Google fi app and turned on/off/on visual messages and dial in access with a pin.… Need to talk with a representative Phone damaged
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Does anyone know what the "known issue" with voicemail is right now? Yesterday, I noticed I got two calls and no voicemail. Ok, I figured they just didn't leave a messag…
Offering $300 off the Pixel 3 & Pixel 3XL + $100 off the Moto G7 Hi everyone, Now for a limited time at fi.google.com, Fi is offering a $300 discount on the Pixel 3 …
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Anyone able to utilize Fi service on a Chinese made global version Umidigi F1 cell phone please? Hoping to purchase a Umidigi Global Version F1 Play phone, thank you Visual voicemail not working - Pixel 3 XL Visual voicemail is not showing up as an option on the phone app like it used to do in my pixel 2 XL…
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I need to Recover Deleted Text Messages n Calls starting from Last Year til now that was on my phone To find text messages n calls that was on my Phone from last year around September my old Number was… Can't turn off Google Hangouts SMS I'm on a Motorola X4 and I've followed the steps to turn off SMS with Google Hangouts, but it still … I want to cancel my project fi service on my phone but keep my cell number as a google voice number. I've gone through the steps to cancel service but when I get to the point of keeping my number as go… Please cancel my Fi request it is not available in my area. 46792 is my zip code. I can’t afford this and was trading for a new Pixel 3 today thru Google Store but it’s already en ro… .im trying to downloadtext messages and phone calls I have files saying it is waiting for wifi
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Anyone else having major call quality issues in Mesa, AZ since November Google Fi has failed me. I purchased 2 pixel 3 phones during a black Friday special and switched our…
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Will hotspot/tethering work on iPhones internationally? Has anyone tried to enable Personal Hotspot on iphone when traveling internationally?
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Google Fi Fi Fo Fum. I'm cancelling my Fi Service once my $100 Pixel 3a credit is used up. And throwing my Pixel 3a in th…
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If I am not on Wi-Fi and I make or receive a voice call, would this impact my data? If I am not on Wi-Fi and I make or receive a voice call or SMS, would this impact my data? I can't find any wifi hotspots (there are supposed to be over 2 million). I have a Moto X4 Android Edition, Android ver 9. The following are turned on, Wifi automatically, connect to open networks and open network notification. The only item I notice is the key with a G and that is an indicator of the VPN not a secured wifi hotspot. Can anyone help? Thanks. How to know when connected to wifi hotspots. Can't find any. Trouble with connectivity in Muscat Oman. Does not connect to local Cellular services Omantel and ooredoo. Connects only over WiFi. Tried swit…
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My Moto g6 mic is not working on calls wifi & cell (with & w/out earbuds/external mic). Ok on video. Some voice is getting through. Reboot. All apps current. Tested Cell vs Wifi Regarding Google fi setup, Google pay declined my card yet the sum was still taken from my account. I want to follow through with signing up for Google fi cellular service. In the fi app it states it …
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How do I configure my phone to display a count of unread voicemails? This what I am trying to display on the home page of my Pixel 3 on Google Fi.
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