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$10 per 1GB in 2019?? WTF Google? After I used 15GB of data while travelling, my internet is throttled to 256kbps which basically rend… Frustrated with level of customer service On May 11th whilst watching a video on Youtube, my Pixel XL froze and died. I restarted it, brought …
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aps not visible on my pixel 3? the play Store app is installed on my pix 3, but i cannot open it. Where has the icon gone?
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What has happened to Project FI? Horrible customer service, actually worse than AT&T Nine days after I ordered a pixel 3, it disappeared in a Fedex warehouse. When I called Project Fi s…
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What steps would i need to follow to switch 3 phones from another carrier, while only buying Two new No issues, I just need to know what to order and how to not lose our existing numbers. Why not have a "block" button on "missed call" emails so spammers can instantly be denied access? On my cell phone I can easily block a number, on my computer I have to go to the Google Fi page, fin…
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Offering $200 off the Pixel 3 & Pixel 3XL Hi everyone, Now for a limited time, Fi is offering a $200 discount on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL wit…
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I don't receive a new voicemail notification on my Pixel 3xl, nor did it show up in the phone app. I've gone into the Google fi app and turned on/off/on visual messages and dial in access with a pin.… Why am I not receiving any notifications that a caller has left a voicemail? I am not receiving any notification (visual or audible) that a missed call has left a voicemail on m…
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RCS/SMS slowness/deliverability issues (Pixel 2 XL on Fi) For the last week or so, I've been having intermittent issues with RCS and SMS getting stuck in "Sen… I have dating apps on my google play library that i did not install? How did they get there I have researched and it says that I must have manually added them but I did not
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Updated: Yesterday
How can I transfer Messages from my old Moto G 3gen. to new Moto 7? How can I reansfer Messages from my old phone to the new phone? I'm using Moto phones, the old one i… Making calls or listening to any kind of audio speakers crackle and hiss I've had 3 different pixel 2 XL phones and have had the same issue with all of them. Making calls or…
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pls tell me myself calling history My activity pls tell me my call history 1
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iPhone requires restart for LTE data to work After I leave my house and lose wifi, I have to restart my iPhone for LTE data to start working. Swi…
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Has anyone been able to use the Data-only SIM card on a vehicle (land rover in particular)? I have switched out the SIM Card and the vehicle shows 'Google Fi' as the network, connected at 3G. … SMS 22801 not working on Fi I cannot send or receive SMS to the short code number 22801. This is a problem because it is the SMS…
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Getting a busy signal calling an Iphone S10 ATT phone from Google fi? LG V Thin q 35 on Google fi - getting a busy signal every time I try to call my daughter who has an …
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I lost my phone, can I cancel phone line from my iPad? I lost my phone, wants cancel service Moto g6 has invalid sim message Moto g6 has invalid sim and can’t port number from Boom Mobile
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