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When I signed up I put we would be keeping old numbers that is no longer the case. Can I get a new # When I signed up I put that we would be using our current phone numbers but that has changed and I w…
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US Cellular coverage in Iowa almost all 4G. How come google fi coverage in Iowa doesn't show that? I want to switch to Google Fi, but the coverage in Iowa doesn't seem to be the same as US Cellular C…
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Need help with billing set up. I cannot set up billing option. This is what I have tried with no success: 1. On Google Chrome, I tr…
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I have a google fi sim card but have bought an iPhone xs with eSim and want to change to eSim I would like to change from Sim to eSim while keeping my same Google Fi number. Is this something I … Will my third generation Apple Watch work on Google Fi with my iPhone? Nothing so far, just asking before we switch Can someone confirm this answer from Fi Support re: how data is routed over WiFi vs. Mobile? So, for years on T-Mobile, excessive data usage for me was 10GB with most months staying around 2GB.… Problems sending and receiving calls I frequently have problems sending and receiving calls. When my fiancee calls me my phone will not r…
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Fingerprint login won't work. Power off Why doesn't my Moto g7 have any security updates? The last one was January 2019. My Motorola g7 doesn't have any updates since January 2019. I know that they have released monthly u…
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Will there be any new phones coming to Google fi not including the new pixel 3/3xl. Different from the phones you now carry will there be any new phones coming to Google fi in the near… Fi Customer Support CHAT -- Is there a written transcript stored and accessible somewhere? Tried looking in my Fi account for a record of the chat, but cannot find it. Need to see the referen…
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cant play mp4 attachment in gmail mp4 tells me to download it and then i can play it from my docs. I can also play it with windows mai…
Updated: Yesterday
Coverage discrepancies between Fi map and US Cellular Carrier map. What does it mean? I am a T-mobile customer who is extremely interested in Fi and their coverage. I am from Maine origi… Lg g7 poor reception How can I get quality coverage with the LG g7 or do I return it? It works great at my house and in E…
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Convert long SMS messages to MMS automatically When sending long SMS messages to other carriers the messages are broken up and often received out o…
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How do you do group text on a moto g6 phone? I have a Moto g6 phone, which will not let me group text. When I try to reply to a chain text, the o… we have been issued a new credit card and wish to continue automatic payment of an account We are unable to speak with someone Will Wifi texting show up on a phone bill? I am just wondering if a text sent using WIFI will show up on a phone bill and how do you know it wa…
Offering $200 off the Pixel 3 & Pixel 3XL Hi everyone, Now for a limited time, Fi is offering a $200 discount on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL wit…
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System time keeps changing The time keeps changing and causing wifi connection problems. The only solution so far seems to be t…
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