View and manage grades

This article is for teachers

Tip: To use the gradebook features, a teacher or G Suite administrator must sign up. For instructions, see Sign up for Gradebook beta.

From the Grades page, you can view and manage all the grades for a class. To save time viewing submissions and returning grades, you can use keyboard shortcuts.

For instructions on setting up overall grades and grade categories, see Set up grading.

Open the Grades page

Teachers can open the Grades page from 2 locations: 
  • On a class card, in the lower right, click Open gradebook .Open gradebook
  • In a class, at the top, click Grades.
    Grades page

View submissions and return grades

View submissions

From the Grades page, you can view a student’s submission, and enter and return a grade for it.

  1. Open the Grades page for your class.
  2. Hover over a cell for a student’s assignment, click More View submission.View submission
  3. Click the assignment.

Return grades

You can enter grades directly on the Grades page. Grades save as drafts until you click Return

  1. Open the Grades page for your class.
  2. Enter a grade for a student’s assignment on the Grades page. Click MoreReturn. The student receives their grade.
    Click return

For more instructions on grading, go to Grade and return an assignment

Use keyboard shortcuts

On the Grades page, you can use keyboard shortcuts.
Action Mac shortcut PC/Chrome shortcut

Save draft and move to More menu, or move to next cell from the More menu

Tab Tab
Save draft and move to previous column, same row Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Save draft and move to next row, same column Return Enter
Save draft and move to previous row, same column Shift + Return Shift + Enter
(View Mode) Move between cells (showing selected cell) Arrow keys

Arrow keys

(Edit Mode) Move between characters in a selected cell Arrow keys Arrow keys
Return to view mode Esc Esc
Open menu options in a cell Command + Shift + \ Ctrl + Shift \
Return assignment Command Option R Ctrl+Alt+R
View submission Command Option V Ctrl+Alt+V