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To express interest in a beta program, follow the link to its sign-up form.

Originality reports beta

In August 2019, Classroom introduced Originality reports beta, a new tool for teachers and students. The reports highlight online sources found in student work. 

Teachers turn on Originality reports when creating an assignment. Students can then run reports to review the source material in their work. After a student submits the assignment, teachers can view an originality report in the Docs grading tool, where they can also grade and give feedback.

How will this help teachers?

  • Teachers see source material highlighted in student submissions.
  • The matched material includes a link to the original source.
  • Teachers can use the reports to inform their feedback for students. 

How will this help students?​

  • Students can see where their work is original, and where they used source material.
  • Students can check their citations, and focus on summary, paraphrase, and quotation.  
  • Students can run up to 3 reports per assignment, helping them earn their best grade and avoid unintentional plagiarism.

To express interest in the Originality reports beta, administrators or teachers can complete the beta sign-up form. If you’re currently enrolled and want to opt out of the beta program, go to the beta opt-out form.

Sync Classroom grades to your SIS beta

In June 2019, G Suite for Education announced a beta program to sync Classroom and your student information system (SIS). Initially, we will support Infinite Campus, Capita SIMS, and Skyward SMS 2.0 with other SIS integrations to come.

After admins connect their SIS to Classroom, teachers can push grades from Gradebook to the SIS.

What can admins do?

  • Connect their SIS to Classroom
  • Set teacher permissions
  • Complete the beta interest sign-up form

What can teachers do?

  • Push grades directly from Gradebook to the SIS

To express interest in the beta program, administrators can complete the beta interest sign-up form. For more information on syncing grades to your SIS, go to the FAQ page.

For schools that wish to have both grades and rosters connected to their SIS, there are several solutions. Learn more by checking out the Classroom partners page.

Rubrics beta

With the rubrics beta, teachers can create and save custom rubrics for assignments in Classroom. Teachers can add criteria, levels, and scoring to the rubrics, and share them with students.  

When a teacher adds a rubric to an assignment, students can reference the rubric as they work. After grading, students can see their assignment feedback on the rubric. 

To express interest in the beta program, administrators or teachers can complete the beta sign-up form

Have more rubrics questions? Go to the rubrics FAQ

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