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This article is for administrators and teachers

In December 2018, G Suite for Education launched a beta program for Classroom’s Gradebook and Forms locked mode quizzes. Read the blog post to learn more about the program.

With Gradebook, teachers can:

  • See all grades for a class.
  • Add and update grades for classwork created in Classroom.
  • Create grading categories and set weighted percentages or default points for each.
  • View an overall grade for students based on all work for a class.

With locked mode quizzes, teachers can:

  • Lock the browser on Chromebooks managed by your school while they’re taking a quiz. Students won’t be able to leave the quiz until they submit their answers.
  • Turn on locked mode for a quiz created in Google Forms or for a quiz assignment created in Classroom.

Accessibility features in locked mode quizzes:

  • Students can still use Chromebook accessibility features in locked mode quizzes. Students can also use some accessibility extensions from our partners. For details, visit Create a quiz assignment.

Sign up for Gradebook and locked mode quizzes beta 

To sign up for the beta program, teachers and G Suite administrators should express interest by completing this form. Once your request is reviewed, you'll be contacted with next steps.

If you're a G Suite administrator:

  1. Fill out the Pre-General Availability Program Agreement.

  2. Complete this form to express interest in the Beta program.

  3. Choose who can use each beta:

    • The entire domain.

    • A Google group they create and manage. See instructions on how to Create a group.

If you're a teacher:

  1. Ask your G Suite administrator to fill out the Pre-General Availability Program Agreement. You can encourage your administrator to sign the agreement with this sample email.
  2. Complete this form to express interest in the beta program.
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