Guardian email summaries FAQ

This article is for guardians and teachers.

When a guardian accepts an invitation from a teacher, they get regular emails about their student’s work and classes. These emails, known as guardian email summaries, include information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity. Your student’s teacher or the school administrator sends you the email invitation. After you accept the invitation, you get regular email summaries of your student’s work.

Note: You can only receive summaries for students using Classroom with a G Suite account. For details, see About Classroom user accounts.

Here are some frequently asked questions by guardians and educators.

Guardian FAQ

I want guardian summaries sent to a different email address. Can I change the address?

Yes. To get guardian emails at a different email address:
  1. Contact the student’s teacher or school and ask them to delete your current address and re-invite you at the new address.
  2. In your web browser, open an Incognito window.
  3. Sign in to the email account of the new address. 
  4. Confirm you’re signed out of other email accounts.
  5. In your email account, open the invitation and click Accept.

How do I manage my guardian email settings?

Note: To manage email summary settings, you need a free Google Account. You don’t need a Gmail address to create a Google Account. To create one with your current email address, see Create your Google Account.

If you have a Google Account

Go to, where you can see the students connected to your account and manage 2 settings:

  • The frequency of your emails
  • Your time zone

If you don’t have a Google Account

You only get weekly emails and can’t change any settings.

How do I get email summaries of my student’s work?

Your student’s teacher or the school administrator sends you an email invitation. After you accept the invitation, you receive regular email summaries of your student’s work. Learn more about Classroom guardian email summaries.

I’ve accepted the invitation. Where will the emails be sent?

If you have a Google Account

Sign in to the Classroom email settings page to check the email address where summaries are sent.

If you don’t have a Google Account

Guardian email summaries are sent to the email address you signed up with. This is the same email address where the invitation was sent.

Do I need a Gmail address or a Google Account?

No. To get an invitation, you can use your current address. When you click Accept, you receive weekly summaries to that email address.
However, with a free Google Account, you can adjust email summaries. For example, you can change their frequency. See How do I manage my guardian email settings?
For information on Google Accounts, see How accounts work.

Can I sign in to my child's classroom? 

No. Guardians can't access Classroom or their child's assignments due to privacy laws. Guardians can only get email summaries, if your child's teacher allows it. 

Why haven’t I received an email invitation?

You won’t get an email invitation if:

  • Your student’s school hasn’t set up guardian email summaries.
  • Your student’s teachers aren’t participating in guardian email summaries.
  • You aren’t the guardian of the student.

If you haven’t gotten the invitation, check your spam folder. Otherwise, contact your student’s school and ask them to send another.

Educator FAQ

Can I add guardians with a class code?

No. Guardians can’t be invited with a class code. To invite guardians, a teacher or administrator needs to send guardians an email invitation. For instructions, see Set up guardian email summaries.

Can guardians view my class stream or student work?

No. When you invite parents, they can’t get into Classroom. Instead, guardians get an email summary of their student’s work, which contains information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity. Learn more about guardian email summaries.

Does the same guardian have to be invited in every class?

No. Once a guardian is invited and accepts for one class, the guardian is linked to their student in all classes. The guardian gets email summaries for all classes that teachers have turned on the service.

Why don’t I see the option to invite guardians?

You may not see the option for any of the following reasons:
  • You aren’t a verified teacher. To view and invite guardians, an administrator must verify you as a teacher in your domain. Learn more about setting teacher permissions
  • You don’t have permission to invite guardians. Your administrator may have chosen to allow only administrators to invite and remove guardians. Learn more about managing guardian email summaries.
  • Your school administrator turned off guardian email summaries.
  • You’re using the Classroom mobile app. You can only invite guardians on a web browser. Learn more about inviting guardians.

Can our school or district add guardians in bulk?

Yes. The school administrator has 2 options to invite and remove guardians in bulk—GAM and the Classroom API. Learn more about how to manage guardians in your domain.

What if I don't want my class to be included in guardian email summaries?

By default, guardian email summaries are turned off for your class. If you turn on summaries, then decide you no longer want to include your class in guardian email summaries, you can turn off this feature. For instructions, see turning guardian email summaries on and off.
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