Join or leave a class as a co-teacher

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Note: The previous version of Classroom (without the Classwork page) was deprecated and discontinued on September 4, 2019. For more information, see Classroom classes without the Classwork page.

A teacher can invite you to teach in their class as a co-teacher. Co-teachers can perform all teacher tasks once they join a class. However, primary teachers and co-teachers have different permissions in Classroom.

Some important differences are:

  • Only the primary teacher can delete a class.
  • The primary teacher can't unenroll or be removed from a class.
  • Teachers can't be muted in a class. 
  • The primary teacher owns the class Google Drive folder. After a co-teacher joins the class, the co-teacher has access to the class Google Drive folder.

Your G Suite administrator might only allow teachers from your school to join classes. If you’re having trouble being added to a class, contact your admin to update your domain's class membership settings

If you leave a class you co-teach, you can't open it again unless you're re-invited or enrolled as a student in the class.

Accept an invitation
  1. Tap Classroom Classroom.
  2. Tap Accept if you want to teach the class or tap Decline
    Note: If you're a student in the class, clicking Decline doesn't remove you from the class.


  3. (Optional) You can accept the invitation by tapping the link in the email invitation.
Leave a class

This feature is not available in the Apple® iOS® version of Classroom. Click Computer or Android to see the instructions.

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