Assignments LTI for Canvas users

Assignments LTI (previously called Course Kit) brings together the capabilities of Google Docs, Drive, and Search into a tool that can be integrated with Canvas. We worked with Canvas to add more features to Assignments LTI so you can use Docs and Drive seamlessly across all Canvas assignments.

If you use the Canvas Google Apps LTI tool, consider installing Assignments LTI. With it, you can:

  • Allow students to submit Drive files to Canvas assignments that you can then grade in SpeedGrader™.
  • Attach a file to an assignment so each student gets their own copy to edit and turn in.
  • Check for missed citations and possible plagiarism with the Originality reports feature.
  • Embed Drive files with the Canvas rich text editor.
  • Add Drive files to Canvas Modules.

Assignments LTI includes all the features of the Google Apps LTI tool, except Canvas Collaborations. This feature is coming soon.

Features and benefits of Assignments LTI

Allow students to submit Drive files

Students can submit Drive files that you can grade with SpeedGrader. 

Step 1: Allow students to submit Drive files with Canvas assignments 

  1. After you create a new Canvas assignment, next to Submission Type, select Online.
  2. Under Online Entry Options, select File Uploads.

Step 2: Students turn in their assignments

  1. Next to the File Upload tab, students click the Google Drive tab and then Authorize.
  2. Students sign in to their Google Accounts and then click Allow.
  3. Students select the Drive file and then click Submit and then Submit Assignment.

Attach a file to an assignment

Students can get their own copy of the Drive files you attach to assignments. For more information, go to Add attachments to an assignment.

Check for missed citations or possible plagiarism

You can check student work for missed citations or possible plagiarism with the Originality reports tool. This tool compares students' Google Docs against hundreds of billions of webpages and tens of millions of books using the power of Google Search, links to detected sources, and flags uncited text. For more information, go to Turn on originality reports

Embed Drive files with the rich text editor

In the Canvas rich text editor, you can embed a Google Drive file into announcements, assignments, or posts. You can share a Doc, Sheet, Slide, PDF, video, image, or any other file in your Drive.
Assignments LTI automatically handles all file permissions.

Add Drive files to Modules

You can use Google Drive as an external tool source for Module content. Students can open the files and work on their own copy. 

Add a Drive file to a Module
  1. To add a new item to a Module, click Add Item.
    Click Add Item
  2. Next to Add, select External Tool.
    Select External Tool
  3. Under External Tool, select Google Drive.
    Select Google Drive
  4. Sign in to your Google Account and then click Allow.
  5. Select the Google Drive file and then click Submit.


If my organization uses Google Apps LTI, can we also use Assignments LTI?

Yes. Both Assignments LTI and the Google Apps LTI tool can be installed simultaneously. 

You may see duplicate options when selecting an external tool, but the descriptions clarify which option is Assignments LTI. Students see 2 options when they submit Google Drive files to Canvas assignments; both will work. Student submissions go to the same destination regardless of option. 

Does Assignments support Collaborations?

Not yet. Google is working with Canvas to support Canvas Collaborations.

Can I embed a Google Form or Google Forms quiz?

No. Currently, you can’t embed a form or select one as a file type for quizzes. To use Forms for quizzes, create a form and share the link with your students. Learn how to create a Google Form.

Does my organization need G Suite for Education to use Assignments LTI?

Yes. To use Assignments LTI, your organization needs G Suite for Education, which is free for educational institutions. Learn how to sign up for G Suite for Education

How can my organization get Assignments LTI?

To be eligible to install Assignments LTI, your educational institution must:

  • Use a learning management system (LMS).
  • Use G Suite for Education.
  • Provide instructors with G Suite for Education accounts.

To participate, fill out the Assignments interest form.

Do instructors and students need G Suite for Education accounts to use Assignments LTI?

Instructors and teaching assistants need G Suite for Education accounts to use Assignments LTI.
Students don't need G Suite for Education accounts to use Assignments LTI.

Known issues

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge 

  • In Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Edge, you need to set up Assignments to open in a new tab when the LTI tool is opened. 
  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, you can’t embed or turn in Drive files to Canvas assignments. 
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