Known issues

Known issues are unexpected behaviors that we can consistently reproduce, happen globally, and generate a large number of support cases. For each issue, we're actively working toward a solution, but can’t guarantee timelines. In the meantime, you can find an available workaround for the issues below.

If you need help with:

You can’t edit Assignment attachments

Description Once an assignment is set up, instructors can’t add or remove Drive attachments.
Who does this impact? Canvas instructors
Workaround Only instructors can set up a new assignment.

Shared drive constraints (Canvas users only)

Description Instructors can select files in a shared drive to embed. However, the shared drive might have sharing restrictions that prevent it from being viewable in Canvas without signing in to Google.
Who does this impact? Canvas users

The shared drive settings for "Sharing outside your domain" and "Sharing with non-members" should be set to On

If a file you expected to be viewable to your class requires a sign-in, the shared drive settings are not set to those settings.

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