Supported ad types

From DoubleClick Search (DS), you can create text ads and Shopping ads. DS cannot create non-text ads, such as Google AdWords image ads and YouTube promoted videos.

DS can report on any type of ad that can redirect to DS before forwarding to the advertiser's landing page. This includes:

  • Text ads trafficked from DS and served on a search network (such as the Google search network, Bing Ads search network, and so on).
  • Shopping ads trafficked from DS and served on the Google search network or Bing Ads search network.
  • Text ads and image ads served from the Google Display Network (GDN). This may require additional setup on your part. Learn more.
  • Other types of ads that you've set up with a clickserver URL generated for a DS placeholder keyword. Learn more.
    To easily access and filter this non-text ad data in DS, apply a label (named something like Image ads or YouTube) to the placeholder keywords.
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