Upgrade forwarding email to Google Workspace user

With Google Domains' email forwarding, you can create forwarding addresses (for example, you@yourdomain.com), where messages are routed to an email address that you own (such as a personal Gmail address). Learn more.

For advanced business features, you can upgrade a forwarding address to a Google Workspace user. Each Google Workspace user has a dedicated mailbox, Google Drive for file storage and sharing, Google Meet for video meetings, plus real-time collaboration with Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar and Sites. Learn more.

To switch from forwarding addresses to Google Workspace users:

If you're creating a brand new Google Workspace user:

  1.  Sign in to your Google Domains account.
  2. Select the name of your domain. 
  3. Open the menu Menu.
  4. Click Email.
  5. Under 'Get a custom email address', click 'Get Google Workspace'.
  6. Fill in the name, username, and backup email in order to create your first admin account. You'll also be asked to select whether the Google Workspace account should have management privileges on the domain. 
  7. Click Next.
  8. Choose the Google Workspace edition that best suits your domain needs.
  9. Continue to payment details.
  10. Enter your billing info and click 'Buy'.

On your next month's billing date, you'll be billed for the total number of active Google Workspace users ($6 USD per user for Business Starter, $12 USD per user for Business Standard, $18 USD per user for Business Plus). The payment for the new user is calculated pro rata for the month.

If you have already set up a Google Workspace user before:

Learn how to add a Google Workspace user.
You'll still see the forwarding address listed under Email forwarding, but all email will now be routed to the user's new Gmail inbox. For best practices, we recommend that you delete the forwarding address.

Test your email

After creating your Google Workspace user, send a test email to their address. If the test email is forwarded to the previous recipient, check to see that the new username matches the forwarding email address. If they don't match, you can rename your user with the exact forwarding address.

Deleting users

If you delete a user account, but want to continue using the email address, you can add the deleted email address as a forwarding address and route the email to a different email address.

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