Import your contacts and calendar to G Suite

Gmail is ready to use once you sign up for G Suite, but you can also import your contacts and calendar from another email account.

  • Import your contacts from another email account into your G Suite Gmail account. Learn how
  • Import your calendar events into G Suite in CSV or iCal (“ics”) format. Learn how
  • Check email from other providers, like Outlook or Yahoo, from your Gmail inbox. Learn how
  • Send email from any of your other email addresses from your Gmail inbox. Learn how
  • Bring your entire team’s mail, contacts, and calendar data to Gmail using G Suite’ migration tools. Learn how


Where can I get tips on using Gmail?
Visit the Learning Center for tips and tricks, or for help getting started with Gmail. Also, download and print out the Gmail cheat sheet as a handy guide.

How do I get G Suite Gmail on my phone?
Get the Gmail app on Android and iOS devices. You can also access Gmail through your mobile web browser.

What are email aliases?
If you want to create another email address without creating a new user account, you can create an email alias. For instance, creates an email alias, Now, mail sent to either address appears in Bill's Gmail inbox. Learn more

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