G Suite billing and payment FAQs

Make sure that you sign in to Google Domains with the Google Domains account that you used to sign up for G Suite. In most cases, the G Suite Admin account is not the Google Domains account.

How much does a G Suite subscription cost?

The monthly cost of G Suite is $6 USD per user for the Basic edition and $12 USD per user for the Business edition.

How do I add and pay for a new user?

You can add or delete G Suite user accounts at any time. Learn how to add a user.

How do I manage my payment method for G Suite?

The steps to modify your payment methods depend on how you purchased your G Suite subscription:

How do I cancel G Suite?

You can follow the steps to cancel or pause your G Suite subscription at any time.

My G Suite service was suspended. How do I fix it?

If your automatic payment method fails for more than ten days, Google suspends your G Suite service. How you reactivate your account depends on how you purchased your G Suite subscription. Follow the steps below, according to your setup: 
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