Cancel your subscription & delete G Suite account with Google Domains

Tip: If you purchased your G Suite subscription directly from G Suite, you'll need to cancel it through the Admin console

When you delete the custom email with your G Suite subscription through Google Domains, the following happens immediately:

  • G Suite billing stops
  • You don’t pay for the current month’s service
  • You no longer have access to your G Suite account 

Google begins deleting your G Suite data 51 days after you cancel your subscription and the cancellation process can take several weeks. It’s important to note that: 

  • After you cancel your subscription, you may receive an email from G Suite prompting you to set up billing. You don’t need to take any action and Google won’t charge you. 
  • You can’t use your domain with another G Suite account. If you want to use your domain with another G Suite account, cancel your custom email with G Suite subscription, then cancel your subscriptions and delete your organization’s Google Account. 

Cancel your subscription & delete your G Suite account

  1. Export any G Suite user data you want to save.
  2. Delete any G Suite Marketplace apps you purchased.
  3. Sign in to Google Domains.
  4. Click the name of your domain.
  5. In the left side menu, click Email (On mobile: Click Menu Menu and then Email).
  6. Click Manage G Suite subscription.
  7. Under "Cancel subscription," click Cancel.
  8. To finish cancellation, click Cancel my subscription.
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